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Mayan Ruins and Archaeological Sites
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Cave Exploration
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San Ignacio Town
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Carlos C
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53 minutes
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Ancient Artifacts
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Subterranean River
  • Caves
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Actun Tunichil Muknal or simple ATM  is one of the most popular Mayan burial sites in Belize. The cave contains four skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware left by the Maya.  The most famous skeleton is that of a young girl, the bones of which have been completely covered by the natural processes of the cave, leaving them with a sparkling appearance. The cave itself is several kilometers long with several chambers. Once inside the cave, you will spend several hours swimming, climbing, and exploring.
The hike from the starting point to the cave entrance includes three stream crossings and passes through the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. The hike through the lower portion of the cave is approximately 45 minutes in duration. Once through the inner chambers, you will ascend to the upper chambers, and to do this you will be required to take off your shoes and explore in only your socks to prevent damage to the artifacts. This adventure is challenging and a good level of physical fitness is required. The ability to swim is a plus as you will need to cross deep water to enter the cave and will be wading through water several times both inside and outside the caves.
At the furthest end of the upper chambers, you will encounter the “crystal maiden”. Cameras are not allowed in the cave for conservation purposes.
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  • 1 extra set of dry clothing
  • 1 pair of socks
  • towels
  • bag pack for carrying
  • You must wear hiking boots or trainers as rocks in the creeks tend to be slippery
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Unless otherwise indicated, prices are in US dollars.
DepartureDepart from San Ignacio Town Office8:30 AM1 hr
Arrive at Entrance of ATMArrive at Teakettle Village – Entrance to ATM ( Actun Tunichil Muknal). Then you will hike to the cave (3 creek crossing on the way).9:30 AM45 mins
Snack BreakSnack & Restroom break followed by orientation on the Cave History, Preservation and Safety10:30 AM30 mins
Enter CaveEnter Cave – tour last 3 + hours hiking in clear water streams and over boulders11:00 AM3.5 hours
Exit CaveExit cave – lunch at Archeology Base Camp (Picnic Lunch provided by TikalGo)2:30 PM1.15 hour
Depart from picnic areaDepart pick-nick area for 45 minutes hike to vans3:45 PM15 mins
Depart from ATM entranceBoard your van to Teakettle and depart back to hotel4:00 PM1 hr
ArriveArrive back at your destination5:00 PMEnd of Tour
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Daily8:30 AM
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