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Engage in baking a traditional Garifuna wonder bread with our master indigenous baker over an open flame traditional fire heart. We start by picking all organic ingredients out of ... moreour local garden. You then experience how to pull out the cassava root straight out the ground to prepare for your plate. Then we go through the traditional process of preparing the cassava for baking. All that hard work will surely pay off as you enjoy that mouth-watering taste of the wonder bread that can last for up to 5 years and has allowed the Garifuna people to win wars against western society.
Engage in baking a scrumptious black cake the traditional Garifuna way with our master indigenous baker over an open flame traditional fire heart. We start by picking all organic ingredients ... moreto make whatever your sweet tooth craves. Then start to make a delicious black cake from the finest organic ingredients with all our love put into it. We also add delectable flavors from our not so secret ingredients surely to entice your sweet tooth. All that hard work will surely pay off as you enjoy that mouth-watering sweet treat and will have all bragging rights at your next family gathering after you prepare it for them. Also, enjoy the ambiance of our secluded cultural island.
Departs From:
Immerse yourself in the Mayan culture as you embark on a historic Maya village; where you will get to be handy by participating in a traditional way of life. You will be using traditional ... moreutensils to make a delectable Mayan meal from all organic and locally sourced ingredients. You are sure to have fun and truly get to appreciate their simplistic and wholesome way of living. Then you will travel to the historic Nim Li Punit where our guide will give you a better insight into the history of Mayan people through the stelae, buildings, and artifacts at this archaeological site. Come join us and learn about the flourishing Mayan community that once was thought to have been lost.
Departs From:
Grab a bike and let's adventure into the beautiful village of Hopkins with picturesque beaches, amazing people and the awe-inspiring Garifuna culture. First, stop at an organic herbal ... moregarden and learn about the natural remedies to some of mankind's worst diseases from our local healers. Then hop into a boat for a short ride to a cultural island where you will be able to taste fresh organic wines made from only the finest of fruits, while also going through Garifuna artifacts, art, and literature. Then finish off with a traditional Garifuna lunch while our drummers play a beat that will surely invigorate your souls. Nearby you can also enjoy the peace and tranquility of our secluded beach.
Departs From:
Bird watching can be enjoyed all year round outside the heat of the day. Belize has well over 500 residential and migratory bird species with 80% being residential. Whether you are ... morean experienced ornithologist or a birding beginner, Belize is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Enjoy a leisurely 2-hour kayak cruise through Fresh Water Creek Lagoon and travel through a diverse ecosystem with 3 types of mangroves, red, white and black. Mangroves are an excellent habitat for crocodiles, turtles, fish, and year-round water birds, like The Great Blue Heron and White Heron, Egrets, Pelicans, Osprey, Hawks, Falcons, Frigate birds, ducks, and the pink Roseate Spoonbills. Native species are crabs, boa constrictors, iguanas and lizards. Highly recommended tour. So come out and enjoy a relaxing day bird watching on the water.
Departs From:
Zip through the canopy of Belize's pristine rain-forest on Belize's longest zip-line route. Enjoy the magnificently lively canopy as you zip through lush greenery at high speed and ... moremight even get the opportunity to spot the illusive jaguar on the forest floor then head to a cultural island and dress in our Garifuna Traditional handmade & uniquely designed clothing and
Master the heat in our traditional kitchen preparing a Garifuna meal over an open fire-heart. Your great reward will be the labor of your culinary love - Delicious HUDUT which is our coconut broth flavored with fresh herbs of the day with pounded plantains & flavorful fried fish; or any other Garifuna Dish of choice based on dietary preference! Culminate your Garifuna Cultural & Culinary Tour with sensational drum rolls learning the basic techniques of Garifuna drumming & Music & revitalizing your souls ultimately earning your delicious cultural dessert by way of participating in 45 minutes mesmerizing drum session.
Departs From:
Experience the traditional Mayan way of making chocolate from bean to bar. Cacao Beans are grown by local farmers in Maya Center Village and is certified Organic.... more
Take a short walk to the cacao farm to learn about how cacao trees are cultivated. The trained farmer will give you a detailed explanation and process of how the beans are extracted from the pods and then fermented and finally dried and ready to be processed into chocolate. You will roast your own cacao beans on the clay griddle, just like how the Mayans did. Making chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a lot of fun! The cacao beans being ground on the grinding stone gets magical as you witness your chocolate beginning to unfold. What is more exciting is that you get to eat your own chocolate! The tour is very educational and hands on.
Departs From:
Take a relaxing 30-minute ride out to the world’s second largest barrier reef to snorkel in magnificent aqua blue waters with its myriad of fish, corals and stingrays! Your captain ... morewill take you to his favorite spot for your chance at catching Snapper, Grouper, and Barracuda. After, your guide will whisk you away to a beautiful island where your fresh catch is prepared!
Departs From:
Travel with an experienced guide as you journey to the worlds largest living barrier reef. Belize’s Southern Reef is an angler’s paradise with an abundance of marine life. ... moreWhether reef trolling or perfecting your skills on the flats, you will have unforgettable fishing experience.
Reef Fishing is all about getting some fish on the line! We will take you east from Hopkins Village to the second longest barrier reef in the world! There you have the option of trolling for Barracuda, casting lures in the lagoons, or hand lining for hungry fish off the bottom.
Departs From:
Need shared shuttle Transportation, and Transfers? We provide a comfortable ride to and from San Ignacio to Hopkins or Dangriga. Fares are for One-Way trips departing from the San ... moreIgnacio, Hopkins or Dangriga. Pickup and Drop off directly to your hotel or port.
Type of Vehicle:
Mini Van
Depart (from):
San Ignacio, Hopkins, Dangriga
Arrive (to):
San Ignacio, Hopkins, Dangriga
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