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BELIZEAN TRAVEL is a local French, English and Spanish speaking inbound travel agency approved by the Belize Tourism Board. BELIZEAN TRAVEL positions itself as a destination expert. Specializing in the creation of “à la carte travel” to facilitate your individual, group, incentive and wedding stays.

You will find in our travel pages all our ideas for planning your discovery of Belize. These are our favorite itineraries bringing together our essentials as well as our off-the-beaten-track gems.

Our common thread is above all to make you want to, which is why our programs can be personalized.
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Immerse Yourself in the Mayan World of Chocolate: Uncover the ancient Mayan secrets of chocolate on this captivating farm-to-table adventure! Journey to a traditional Mayan family ... morecocoa farm, where time-honored techniques create ethereal chocolate in its purest form.

Embark on a Multi-Sensory Experience:

Touch, smell, and savor the cocoa bean's fascinating transformation from ancient Mayan currency to decadent delight.
Taste the raw power of the ripe cocoa fruit, experiencing its natural essence before its metamorphosis into chocolate.
Learn from the wisdom of Eladio, a Mayan expert who will unveil the secrets of cocoa farming and the captivating history of this legendary ingredient.

A Feast for the Senses and Soul:

Indulge in a sensory explosion as you touch, smell, and savor the complete chocolate experience, just like the Mayans did centuries ago.
Culminate your journey with a taste of the farm's exquisite chocolate, followed by a delicious and authentic Belizean meal.
Type of Tour/Activity:
Cultural Immersion
Departs From:
Punta Gorda
Gold Certified:
An immersive experience to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of the Mayans while interacting with a talented and passionate Mayan artisan in his workshop.... more

Your Guide will share with you his knowledge and expertise on the history and culture of the Mayans, with an emphasis on the Mayan calendar system. You will begin by discussing the Mayans' fascinating history, way of life, beliefs, and cultural achievements. Prepare to hear captivating stories about the ancient Mayans, learn about their relationship with nature, the importance of stars and time cycles in their culture, and their architectural and artistic heritage. Then, you will move on to the practical stage of the activity. He will teach you traditional slate-working techniques used for generations to create Mayan calendars. He will show you how to engrave and draw on the slate, using the symbols and patterns characteristic of this ancient civilization, allowing you to understand their meaning and use better.
Type of Tour/Activity:
Cultural Immersion
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Gold Certified:
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