Cristo Rey River Fest and Expo

Alert: Some details may have changed due to COVID-19.
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Tuesday, 28 May, 2024Annually

  • Booth Displays
  • Smart Promotions
  • Cultural Presentations
  • Local Arts and Craft Display
  • Swimming Race, Watermelon Eating Contest, Canoe Race
About Event

Cristo Rey River Fest

The Cristo Rey Village Council is hosting its River Festival and Expo to raise funds for the village council. The council organized several booths selling local foods, drinks, and souvenirs. It will be a fun-filled day for families and friends to enjoy a day at the river.

2023 Cristo Rey River Fest

Details for the 2023 Cristo Rey River Fest are yet to be announced.

Why should you attend the 2023 Cristo Rey River Fest?

Come out and enjoy all the booth displays, Smart Promotions, cultural presentations, and local arts and crafts displays. Bring your entire family out and have a good time at the festival and expo.
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What to bring?
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash
River Tubing
Sun Tanning
Water Rappelling
Outline of Event
Start Time
5/28/20238:00 AMFull day of activities and games.9 hrs
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Location Information
Macal River at Cristo Rey Village
Cristo Rey Village, Cayo District
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To arrange a rental/shuttle/charter, has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) (Rentals/Charters)
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Private Vehicle: a. If you own a vehicle or has access to a private vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you can drive to the Cristo Rey River Festival in Cristo Rey Village. This is the easiest and most recommended option for transportation. 2. Aircraft: a. There are domestic flights to San Ignacio available via Tropic Air. To view the Tropic Air flights schedule, visit 3. Rentals/Charters/Shuttles: a. If you would like to drive or be driven directly to the Cristo Rey River Festival, you can rent a vehicle (make sure you have a valid driver’s license) or request a charter or shuttle to transport you to Cristo Rey Village. Arranging this option is easy, has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) (Rentals/Charters) 4. Public Transportation (Buses): a. On the mainland, buses can take you anywhere along the highways. Getting on a bus would require you to go to the town’s bus terminals or wait at the road side of a main road. Bus fares depend on where you are taking the bus and where you are stopping and whether if it is a regular bus or an express bus (non-stop). It should range from $2 BZD to $12 BZD. b. If you are staying at one of the islands, there are water taxis available that travel to and from Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Corozal. Water taxis should take you from the island to Belize City. Fares usually depend on which island you are at and whether if it is a one-way or roundtrip ticket. Upon arrival at Belize City, you can take a taxi (recommended) or walk to the bus terminal and get on a bus to San Ignacio. 5. Taxi: a. This option is quite costly if you are planning on taking a taxi cab to the Cristo Rey River Festival. If you are staying somewhere in San Ignacio or Santa Elena, this option is recommended; however, taxi fares would depend on the distance traveled. 6. Hitch-hiking: a. When all else fails, and you really want to make it to the festival, you can stand at the roadside of a highway and catch a ride with someone who’s going to the direction of San Ignacio and Cristo Rey. For safety and other reasons, this is not 100% recommended.
Whats Nearby
Located in the countryside of the Cayo District, Cristo Rey Village hosts beautiful waterfalls and streams for visitors and residents to enjoy. Atop of the hilly landsape, you can ... morethe scenic view of the skyline at any time of the day
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Tours & Shuttles
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
20 minutes drive from San Ignacio Town will take you to Xunantunich Mayan Ruins Meaning “Maiden of the Rock” which is located on the Western Highway across the river. The ceremonial ... morecenter is only 1 mile away after crossing the ferry on the Mopan River at San Jose Succutz. 

This Classic Period site provides an impressive view of the entire river valley. The site core occupies only 300 square meters but the periphery covers several square kilometers. El Castillo, the partially excavated and largest pyramid rises 130 feet above the main plaza and offers an impressive view of the Cayo District and nearby Guatemala.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
The Sak-Tunich Maya site was constructed by a family of Yucatec descent. It includes Plaza A & B, a ceremonial room, a collection of artifacts, and an underground entrance. ... more

At the site, you will also learn about the Safe the Royal Project.

This is a breeding program for the "Royal Rat" or Gibnut. The name "Royal Rat" was given to it after Queen Elizabeth II was served Gibnut meat during her 1985 visit. Gibnut meat is a local delicacy in Belize. 

We also have the 100ft tower at the site. At the top of the tower, you are greeted by panoramic views of mountains, jungle, and small towns in every direction. The view is truly breathtaking, especially for watching sunsets or stargazing.
/ Person
Departs From:
Depart for a day of Mayan historical adventure to see some of the finest Maya Ruins in Belize. The drive through the hummingbird highway and the western villages of Belize is a cultural ... moreexperience with first-hand views of the Mayan mountains, orchards, colorful homes, schools, and marketplaces.

Xunantunich is located in the Cayo District across from Benque Viejo Road near the village of San Jose Succotz just a few miles from Belize’s western border with Guatemala. At the village of San Jose Succotz, we cross over the Mopan River using a hand-cranked ferry. From the other side of the river, it’s a mile uphill to the site, which can be accessed on foot or in a vehicle.

Xunantunich Mayan ruin, also known as the “Maiden of the Rock” is the second tallest Mayan ruin in Belize. The largest pyramid, El Castillo stands 130 feet high above the main plaza and offers an impressive panoramic view of the Cayo District, Guatemala, and the Mopan River. The site has been largely excavated and has a well-appointed educational museum.

Experience an authentic Belizean lunch in the immediate area of the ruins.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Xunantunich Stone Maiden The current name of this ancient Maya site means STONE MAIDEN and there are many local accounts of a princess’s appearance. Archeologists consider it a regional ... morecapital with political ties to several other major sites in Guatemala and Belize. From the top of the tallest temple, the beautiful jungle and Mopan River valley can be viewed. Of special interest at the site, are the famous restorations of two finely carved ancient astronomical friezes, a historical museum, and several well-preserved stelae of the former rulers.

This half-day tour can be combined with several other nearby destinations such as Cahal Pech, El Pilar, a Guatemalan border Market/Shopping tour, or River Tubing.
/ Person
Departs From:
Belize City
Your friendly Smart Travel Belize guide will meet guest/s at theFort Street Tourism Village where he will welcome you to beautiful sunny Belize. From there he will take you through ... morethe Belize City and give some brief information about Belize. He will then make his way towards the George Price Highway and inform guest/s about who George is and what he has done for our country. Along the way, you will be given various information about the small villages and communities that you will pass along the way as well as the flora and fauna and some wetlands that you may see.

Xunantunich is an Ancient Mayan archaeological site in western Belize, about 80 miles (130 km) west of Belize City, in the Cayo District, or about 8 miles west of San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. 

Xunantunich is located atop a ridge above the Mopan River, well within sight of Guatemala. It served as a Maya civic ceremonial center in the Late and Terminal Classic periods in the Belize Valley region. At this time, when the region was at its’ peak, nearly 200,000 people lived in Belize. 

Xunantunich’s name means “Stone Woman” which is a combination of Mopan and Yucatec Maya, and, like many names given to Maya archaeological sites, is a modern name; the ancient name is currently unknown. The “Stone Woman” refers to the ghost of a woman claimed by several people to inhabit the site, beginning in 1892. She is dressed completely in white and has fire-red glowing eyes. She generally appears in front of “El Castillo”, ascends the stone stairs, and disappears into a stone wall.

After visiting Xunantunich you will have some time to purchase lunch at a Local restaurant before heading back to Belize City where you will be given a short tour on the Southside of Belize City before being dropped off at your destination.
/ Adult
Departs From:
Belize City
The Xunantunich and Belize Zoo adventure begins as you head for the wildlife habitat known as The Belize Zoo. The zoo was created as a sanctuary for the country’s indigenous species ... moreand is now home to an impressive array of large cats, primates, reptiles, and birds. A visit to the zoo gives you the opportunity to see Belize’s amazing wildlife in one location. The adventure continues with a scenic drive up the Western Highway to the Cayo District.

Xunantunich sits just on the Western border of Belize. Before reaching the entrance of this ancient city, your party will board a 19th-century hand-cranked ferry that takes you across the Mopan River. The ruins are actually located on one of the highest plateaus in the area and it is possible to climb to the top of “El Castillo”, the largest of the temples at this site. From this vantage point, one gains a panoramic view of the Cayo District and nearby Guatemala.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
This is an amazing tour that combines single track, double track, and the Maya site of Xunantunich. The challenge starts at the outskirts of San Jose Succotz Village; this portion ... moreis on a single track and is the most rugged part of the ride. We pedal on this hilly terrain dodging tree branches and jumping tree roots. This part of the ride is a bit more technical and rugged; especially when going downhill-staying on the bike is a challenge. After this, we move to a feeder road; a double-track ride in a more open area where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains around the area. The ride continues through the open pasture and through a semi-deciduous forest. to the beautiful river bank where a picturesque single track leads us to the village of San Jose Succotz. Here we cross the Mopan River on a ferry and ride uphill for a mile on a paved road to the Maya Site of Xunantunich, which has the second tallest structure in Belize “El Castillo”. The view from atop is magnificent and worth the effort!
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Journey to the ancient Maya ruins of Buena Vista on a horse for a closer experience with nature and to appreciate the wonders of our rainforest, flora, and fauna. This experience begins ... morein the Savana area enjoying the views riding along the banks of the Mopan River, you'd be lucky enough to spot the Howler Monkeys jumping from limb to limb and witness their powerful howl. You get to ride on Jungle trails heading to the different Plazas. where you will learn of its importance in Maya history. Depending on the water level you get to ride in the river. After the ride, we will drive 10 minutes to the site of Xunantunich. At the top of the highest temple, you'll behold a spectacular view, and miles of rainforest as well you will spot the border town of Benque Viejo (Belize) and neighboring Melchor de Mencos (Guatemala).
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
For an exciting combination of Xunantunich and water sports, try our kayaking and Xunantunich tour! This adventure starts at the impressive site of Xunantunich, which means “maiden ... moreof the rock” in Maya. This site takes you back to the time of a once great and flourishing civilization. View stellae, ball court, elite residential palaces, a sacred altar for blood-letting rituals, and a ceremonial courtyard. Climb to the top of El Castillo which is 130 ft and enjoy a panoramic view of the picturesque landscape below. After learning about the magnificent Maya history, it's time for the adrenalin rush-gliding down the rapids of the Mopan River on your sit-on-top kayaks. The challenge is to stay on top of the kayak as you ride down while at the same time enjoying nature in this particular area.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
This adventure takes place along the Mopan River in San Jose Succotz Village, which was once considered a Mayan village, established in the eighteen hundreds. Crossing the Mopan River ... moreon a hand crank ferry followed by a mile drive to Xunantunich archeological site where you will learn how this was once a great and flourishing civilization. Thereafter, the fun and excitement begin by floating on your tube on one of the only rivers that have retained its name since the time of the Mayas the “Mopan River”. This floating adventure takes at least three hours downstream, part of the float is mellow but the rapids make the adventure more exciting. The rapids are point five-just enough to kick in some adrenaline.
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