Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy

Field / Department
Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab
Status of Job:
Position Closed
Basic Skills:
Organizational Skills
Problem Solving Abilities
Attention to detail
Technical Skills / Applications:
Google Workspace, Google Calendar, Data Analysis
Deadline to Apply:
Thursday, 16 Nov, 2023
About the Opening
Description / Objective
This Terms of Reference (ToR) outlines the framework for monitoring and evaluating the Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab initiative. The primary objective is to assess the project's progress, effectiveness, and impact, ensuring its alignment with the intended goals and objectives.

The consultancy aims to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab Project.
  2. Establish a M&E Framework 
  3. Generate a Project Evaluation Report with recommendations.
  4. Produce a Final Evaluation Report.
  5. Develop SME Case Study Reports.
  6. Provide insights and recommendations to enhance project outcomes and sustainability.
Key Responsibilities
Scope of Work: 

Monitoring & Evaluation Framework: 
  1. Develop a comprehensive M&E framework, aligning with the project's objectives, milestones, indicators, and outcomes.
  2. Define clear and measurable performance indicators, targets, and baselines for assessing the overall success and impact of the project.

Project Evaluation & Impact Analysis:
  1. Assess the overall success of the Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab Project, including its alignment with project goals and its impact on SMEs in the Belizean tourism sector.
  2. Determine the successful completion of each project component, including the development of digital training tools, stakeholder engagement campaigns, and communication strategies, in accordance with project requirements.
  3. Verify compliance with specified project requirements, standards, and guidelines.
  4. Evaluate the project's impact on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Belizean tourism sector, focusing on education, technology integration, and sector sustainability.
  5. Gauge stakeholder satisfaction, including SMEs, educators, technology experts, government agencies, and others, regarding project outcomes.

Identification of Lessons Learned and Best Practices:
  1. Identify valuable lessons learned and best practices emerging during project implementation, with a focus on their applicability to future projects and initiatives in the Belizean tourism industry.
  2. Collect feedback and insights from project stakeholders, consultants, and beneficiaries to enhance project understanding and identify areas for improvement.
Final Report & SME Case Study Report 
  1. Prepare a Project Evaluation Report, including findings, analysis, and recommendations.
  2. Generate a Final Evaluation Report, summarizing the effectiveness and efficiency of project activities and their impact on the Belizean tourism industry.
  3. Develop SME Case Study Reports, providing insights into the impact of the project on selected SMEs.
Capacity Building:
  1. Build the capacity of project staff and partners to understand the final evaluation findings and utilize them for future planning and decision-making.
The consultant shall deliver the following:

Month 1

  1. Inception Report: A comprehensive report summarizing the project review, stakeholder meetings, development of the M&E framework, baseline data collection and analysis, and the initial work plan for the consultancy.
  2. Updated M&E Framework: A revised and refined M&E framework aligned with the project's objectives, including clear and measurable performance indicators, data collection methods, and data analysis procedures.
Month 2
  1. Baseline Data Collection Report: A detailed report presenting the findings from the baseline data collection, including trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.
  2. Ongoing Data Collection and Analysis: Implementation of data collection tools and instruments to gather ongoing data throughout the project's implementation. Regular analysis of collected data to track progress, identify trends, and assess the overall impact of project interventions.
Month 3
  1. Regular Data Analysis Reports: Regular analysis of collected data to track progress, identify trends, and assess the overall impact of project interventions.
  2. Draft Progress Report: Preparation of a draft progress report summarizing the project's activities, findings from data analysis, and preliminary recommendations for future actions and improvements.
Month 4
  1. Stakeholder Feedback Gathering: Collection of feedback and insights from project stakeholders, consultants, and beneficiaries through surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  2. Refined Progress Report: Incorporation of stakeholder feedback into the draft progress report, resulting in a finalized progress report for submission to project stakeholders.
Month 5
  1. Data Analysis and Impact Assessment: In-depth analysis of all collected data to assess the project's effectiveness, efficiency, and impact on SMEs in the Belizean tourism sector.
  2. SME Case Study Report: In-depth analysis of a select few SMEs to showcase the project's impact on individual businesses.
  3. Stakeholder Feedback on Draft Report: Sharing of the draft final evaluation report with project stakeholders for feedback and review.
Month 6
  1. Revision of Final Evaluation Report: Incorporation of stakeholder feedback into the draft final evaluation report, resulting in a finalized evaluation report for submission to project stakeholders.
  2. Final Presentation and Dissemination: Presentation of the final evaluation report findings and recommendations to project stakeholders, including the IDB, project team, and other relevant partners.
  3. Dissemination of Findings: Preparation of a dissemination plan for sharing the project's findings and recommendations with a wider audience, including tourism industry representatives, policymakers, and academia.
  4. Sustainability Guidelines: Guidelines for maintaining and sustaining the positive impact and practices developed during the project.

The deliverables should collectively provide a holistic understanding of the project's outcomes, and impact on SMEs, and provide actionable recommendations for future projects or initiatives. This information will be valuable in ensuring that the project's legacy continues to benefit the SMEs in the Belizean tourism sector beyond its completion
Min Qualifications / Requirements
The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications: 
  1. Hold a Master's degree in a relevant field, such as Project Management, Social Sciences, Economics, or a related discipline.
  2. Demonstrate proven experience in designing and implementing M&E systems for development projects, preferably in the tourism sector or related fields.
  3. Exhibit a successful track record of completing M&E tasks, including project evaluation, impact assessment, and report generation.
  4. Possess strong analytical and data management skills, evident through the ability to accurately collect, analyze, and interpret data.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in statistical software and data visualization tools.
  6. Excel in communication and report writing skills, showcasing a history of preparing comprehensive and insightful reports for project stakeholders.
  7. Ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing project needs.
  8. Adept at utilizing technology tools and assessing the effectiveness of technology-driven initiatives.
Company Background
Let's Go Belizing Ltd., headquartered in San Ignacio, specializes in offering an extensive array of products and services to support Belize's tourism sector. Our portfolio comprises, Belizing Payments, and Belize Digital Media, all of which play a crucial role in delivering advanced technological solutions and expertise. In partnership with the IDB Lab, we are currently actively involved in the Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab initiative. The primary objective of this project, which commenced in 2021 and is now in its concluding phase, is to revolutionize capacity development and promote the adoption of digital strategies among tourism businesses and their staff in Belize.

The project has made substantial progress in achieving its goals, which include providing digital training to tourism professionals, creating a suite of digital tools and resources, and fostering collaborative relationships and partnerships among various stakeholders in the tourism industry. As the project approaches its final stage, the emphasis is on ensuring the long-term sustainability of its accomplishments and maximizing its positive impact on Belize's tourism sector.

Diversity: LetsGoBelizing  LTD.  and the  Inter-American  Development  Bank Lab are committed to diversity and inclusion,  as well as fair employment opportunities.  We embrace diversity on the basis of gender,  age,  education,  national origin,  ethnic origin,  race,  disability,  sexual orientation,  religion, and HIV/AIDS  status.  We encourage women,  Afro-descendants, and persons of indigenous origins to apply.
Location of Work:
22 Buena Vista, San Ignacio
Application Procedure
How to Apply?
Firms are requested to include in their application package the following:
  • Letter of Intent: A letter of intent addressed to the Project Coordinator, expressing your interest in the consultancy and briefly outlining your qualifications and experience.
  • Technical Proposal: A technical proposal that includes a detailed work plan and proposed timeline for completing the consultancy.
  • Financial Proposal: A financial proposal that includes a detailed budget for the consultancy, including your consultancy fee and any other reimbursable costs.
  • Consultant CV: A CV for the lead consultant and any other team members who will be involved in the project. The CV should include each consultant's education, experience, and relevant skills.
  • Evidence of Previous Work: Evidence of similar previous work done in the Monitoring and Evaluation of projects in Belize.  This could include case studies, testimonials from clients, or letters of recommendation.
  • Reference Letters: Two (2) reference letters from previous clients or employers.
Note: Failure to comply with any of the above requirements will cause the proposal to be rejected. If one of the above items is not available, kindly draw this to the attention of LetsGoBelizing LTD. 

Submissions should be sent to the following email address below in soft copy.

Ferdy I. Cabb
Project Coordinator
LetsGoBelizing LTD. 
22 Buena Vista Road
San Ignacio, Cayo
Email: | 

For further information, contact the LetsGoBelizing LTD at the above-listed emails or at telephone number 824-2768. 

Deadline: Submission must be received by November 16, at 5:00 PM.