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Want to know what it's like to be a bird? Come along with us and go parasailing in the beautiful Caribbean Sea over San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Adventure awaits!

A Must-Do Activity in San Pedro!

San Pedro is known for some of the best island adventures where you relax on the beach or go snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. But, have you ever tried parasailing? Parasailing is a super fun activity to do in San Pedro. While you’re gliding through the air above the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you get to see a picturesque aerial view of Ambergris Caye. Next time you’re in San Pedro, you should definitely have parasailing on your must-do list!

Best Parasailing Experience in Belize!

We were invited by Patsy and MaryAnn to go parasailing with Belize Parasail Plus and, of course, we took accepted their invitation! I have never been parasailing before but I’m glad that my first time parasailing in Belize was with Belize Parasail Plus.

We were scheduled for a 9:00 A.M. parasailing tour but we got there a bit late. Patsy was super nice that she didn’t seem to mind and allowed for us to go on our tour immediately. We met with our guide and captain for the day before we hopped in the speedboat that was parked on Fido’s dock.

The captain headed towards Ramon’s Village where we would start parasailing. The ride there was short, about 7 minutes.

On the way, the guide got us suited up with life jackets and harnesses. The weather was great for parasailing that Sunday. Not a single rain cloud was out. The sea was immaculate. Looking out from the boat, we could have seen the sea floor as clear as day.

When we got to the location, both the captain and guide prepared the bright, multi-colored parachute. We were then instructed to walk to the back of the boat, where there was a little deck that we could stand on. The guide hooked my harness to the parachute first, then Raul’s. The guide then told us to sit with our legs out in front of us, before the captain picked up speed and set off the parachute.

Little by little, we were lifted off the deck and in a matter of seconds we were floating in the air! The feeling of floating in the air exhilarating! I looked at what surrounded me, and it was simply gorgeous.

On my left, I saw the entire island of Ambergris Caye. We were able to see all the way to the lagoon and beyond. “This is why I love Belize,” Raul pointed to the direction of the island. “Each building is a different color, unlike the ‘States’ where every building is the same color.” I couldn’t agree more.

Our eyes met with a rainbow of houses and buildings that were bright and bold. Sure, we don’t have great skyscrapers or grand structures but surely those multicolored buildings make Belize a unique destination. Looking below me, the Caribbean Sea was so mesmerizing! Seeing the clear turquoise waters was definitely a highlight!

Speedboats and catamarans were sailing by. I couldn’t help but snap a couple of pictures of the scene. After taking what I thought were enough pictures, we continued to admire the view that we had.

When the boat picked up some speed, our parachute took us higher in the air. Then, we were able to see all the way to the Belize Barrier Reef.

In the midst of admiring our view, we noticed that we were getting lower and closer to the sea. I squealed as half of our bodies were dipped into the cool sea water. The captain and guide watched us and couldn’t help but laugh at my reaction.

For about five seconds, we felt the coolness of the sea water just to be lifted back up into the air. Raul and I kept laughing at how half of our bodies were soaked and cold as the breeze blew at us. I didn’t take along an extra change of clothes – bad idea – so I had to walk around in damp pants before I could change.

After about a few more minutes of being up in the air, the guide pulled us in towards the boat. “Get ready in a running motion!” he yelled to us. We did as told and we were on the boat again. We were still laughing at being dipped into the water. “We wanted to give you the full experience, so I told him I would dip you guys in” said the captain.

We had so much fun parasailing with Belize Parasail Plus! For the time that we were floating in the air, I felt as free as a bird – well, as free as my harness would allow me. It was definitely a new and unique experience.

A massive thank you to Ms. MaryAnne, Ms. Patsy, their captain and guide, and Belize Parasail Plus for inviting us to go parasailing! Start Belizing today and book your parasail tour with Belize Parasail Plus. No matter the time or place, once you’re here, there’s always a chance for you to go Belizing!

How to get to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye?

You can book a flight or take a water taxi to San Pedro. Domestic flights are offered by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. Some water taxi operators are San Pedro Belize Express, Ocean Ferry and Nautilus Express.

What’s the cost of this parasailing tour?

This tour costs $95 per person, $180 per couple and $225 for a group of 3. The rates include 10-12 minute flights, sailing, rum punch, a certified crew, and resort pick up (within 2.5 miles).

Where is Belize Parasail Plus?

Belize Parasail Plus is located on Fido’s dock in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Fido’s Courtyard and Pier is located on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro.

What to bring/wear to go parasailing?

A swimsuit or light clothing is best for parasailing. You will be dipped into the water, so just prepared to get wet. You can also bring along some sunscreen, a towel and an extra change of clothes.

Who can go parasailing?

Kids and adults can go parasailing however guests must weigh less than 400 pounds. It is not recommended to take along babies on the flights.

When is the best time to go parasailing?

You can go parasailing any day once there is at least 12 mph wind – of course, not accounting for rain or natural disasters such as hurricane.
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Ambergris Caye, also known as "La Isla Bonita," is located off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. Its coastline is protected by second largest barrier reef in the world. Being ... morethe largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye is well known for island adventures, water sports, relaxation and exquisite marine life.
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Caye (Island)
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Caye (Island)
San Pedro Town is the main town and heart of Ambergris Caye. It dominates the entire southern half of Ambergris Caye and is one of the go-to destinations for visitors. Being a half-mile ... moreoffshore from the world's second largest barrier reef, San Pedro is the gateway to acquatic paradise.
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Caye (Island), Town
Phone Service, Restaurants, ATM services, Banks, Sports Bars, Night Clubs, Public Parks
Ambergris Caye
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San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
Getting dipped during parasailing is optional but it is a must try experience! We promote fun and safety on our tours.
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San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
Half day Reef Fishing. Join us for a half day of reef fishing--we will provide fishing gear, bait, and beverages of choice. We can't guarantee you'll catch anything, but we can guarantee ... moreyou'll have a great time. No need to book individually as the $250 fee includes 4 guests--additional guests are $30 per person.

Full day Reef Fishing.

When a half day on the barrier reef just won't do...
The full day of fishing includes all fishing gear, bait, drinks of choice, and a lot of suns. The $400 fee is for up to 4 people, additional guests can be booked for $50 per person.

Full Day Reef Fishing, Snorkeling, & Beach BBQ: $450 USD

Of course, we can add a beach BBQ.

We will provide fishing gear, bait, rum punch, water, and experienced guides. We can’t guarantee you’ll catch anything, but we can guarantee you’ll have a great time and possibly some great stories.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
Half Day Deep Sea Fishing This 4-hour fishing trip includes all fishing gear, bait, beverages of choice, and the opportunity to try your hand at deep sea fishing. The $450 fee includes ... more4 people, each additional person is $50.

Full Day Deep Sea Fishing

Double your time, double your chances of a big catch. This full-day tour includes all bait, fishing gear, lunch, beverages of choice, and the opportunity to tell a new story about the one that got away. 
The $900 fee is for 4 people, additional guests can be added for $50 each.
/ Person
/ Group
Departs From:
San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
Soar above the Caribbean Sea and gain a new perspective of Ambergris Caye. No other experience compares to the thrill of sailing 250 feet above the water and looking for marine life. ... moreOur past guests have seen dolphins, sharks, rays, & turtles–what will you see? We offer solo, double, or triple flights. 

Your adventure begins with a safety briefing from the first mate. Next, you will be secured in a life jacket and safety harness as you are instructed how and when to move to the flight deck. After the chute is launched the first mate will attach the passenger bar to the chute and call you to the deck. You will stand as your harness is attached to the bar and then move forward and sit with your legs in front of you. And finally, …you’re flying! You will ascend slowly and smoothly as the captain guides you over the beautiful turquoise waters inside the barrier reef. Our certified crew has been trained by the US experts to meet all US safety standards. 

Sit back and relax, you will have approximately 12-15 minutes to enjoy the sights of San Pedro, the reef, and the surrounding beauty of Ambergris Caye. Take a selfie, make a video–you decide, it’s your adventure.

As you return to the boat you will receive instructions from the first mate. He will ask you to reach up and grab the bar above your head and to extend your legs into a standing position. Following his directions will ensure you nail your landing.
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