Tikal & Yaxha Overnight in Flores

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Discover northern Guatemala’s most incredible Mayan ruins and enjoy the island of Flores in the Lake Petén Itza.

Uncover the mysteries of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tikal, perhaps the most elaborate of the ancient Mayan cities, on day 1 before continuing on a relaxing day in the Petén Itza lake with a tour knowing the legends of the Itzaes the las tribu to be conquered by Spanish.

Your exploration of Tikal and Flores includes transportation from your hotel in San Ignacio, tour to Tikal, overnight accommodation, a guide, lunch in Tikal and breakfast on the second day.

Learn about the mysteries of the Maya people as you admire their innovative engineering and majestic temples and enjoy the colourfull city of Flores and the amazing waters of the Peten Itza lake.

Covering more than 341 square miles (550 sq km) the grounds of Tikal are home to several thousand individual structures. Start your exploration from the city’s Central Acropolis, home to a labyrinth of courtyards, temples and small interior rooms, before proceeding to Complex Q and R, site of the twin pyramids and a beautiful religious altar area out front. Then continue on to Temple I, also known as the Temple of the Grand Jaguar, which was built to honor Mayan King Moon Double Comb. This 144-foot (44m) high temple contains an enclosure of several small rooms leading to the steep stairs that climb to the temple’s peak. You’ll also check out the nearby Temple II, known to experts as the Temple of the Masks to head up to Temple IV and its astonishing rainforest view and finish the Tikal tour with lunch at the site. After you will be driven to the city of Flores where your accommodation is and where you will enjoy the nightlife of the place. Start your second day with included breakfast at your hotel, we give you the option to have a tour on the lake of Peten Itza (not included) before leaving for the sunset tour in Yaxha…

Spend the day wandering through the fascinating ruins of this sprawling ceremonial complex on the shores of Lake Yaxha, occupying a total area of 92 square miles (237 square kilometers). During your exploration, you’ll check out the Big Astronomical Complex, Avenue of the Pilgrims and Twin Pyramid Complex, plus much more.

Your Yaxha visit also covers entrance fees, a guide, lunch and round-trip transport from a central meeting point.


Explore the Mayan archaeological site of Yaxha Visit the wealth of ancient structures like the Big Astronomical Complex situated on a 92 square mile (237 square kilometer) site Discover the different epochs of Mayan culture and buildings, including its early classic period from AD 250 – 600 Learn about Mayan ceremonial practices and building techniques What You Can Expect Yaxha View The city was located on a ridge overlooking Lake Yaxha. The name of the city derives from the Mayan for “blue-green water”. It is a notable survival of a Classic period place-name into the modern day.

The Yaxha kingdom is estimated to have covered an area of 237 square kilometers (92 sq mi) and to have had a peak population of 42,000 in the Late Classic period. The Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo circle is considered the “best-kept secret of the Maya World”, it covers a total area of 37.160ha and is part of the Reserve Maya Biosphere. To the west is the Tikal National Park, and north is the Biological Corridor Tikal-Mirador-Rio Azul. Arrival at the Interpretation Centre Yaxhá. The tour includes the visit of Astronomical Minor Complex, Avenue of the Pilgrims, Square Columns, Patio IV of the South Acropolis, Big Astronomical Complex, Residential Group, Watery Avenue, group Maler, North Acropolis, Plaza of The Birds, The Causeway, Twin Pyramid Complex and the Temple of the Red Hand (structure 216).
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  • Yaxhá Tour
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Hotel Pick-UpPick up at your hotel in San Ignacio7:00 AM
Tikal TourTikal tour8:00 AM5 hrs
LunchLunch Break1:00 PM1 hr
Return to FloresReturn to Hotel in Flores2:00 PMRemainder of the day
BreakfastDay 2: Breakfast8:00 AM
Free ActivitiesFree activities in the morning (optional) in flores9:00 AM
Depart to YaxhaDeparture to Yaxha1:00 PM1.5hrs
Sunset tour in YaxhaSunset tour in Yaxha2:30 PM
Drop off in San IgnacioDrop off at your hotel in San Ignacio7:00 PM
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Daily7:00 AM1 night 2 days
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Tikal Go is an innovative and dynamic tour operator specialized in unique tours into the Mayan route and especially in the ancient Tikal national park.... more

We believe that to have the best experience clients must feel like part of our culture, that’s why we love to see our customers as friends and we want them to have the real Mayan experiences by feeling, breathing and living our country.

Come to Guatemala, we are going to take you to the Mayan World, we do have the best standards of transportation and the best guides, comfortable and luxury accommodations.

Travel with us we will take you to the Mayan World…
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Tikal GO: Tikal, Flores and Yaxha
From San Ignacio in Belize we decided to hop over to Tikal and found local Agency Tikal Go that organized the Guatemala tour for us. With transport to the border included, where we were picked up by driver and our guide. Tikal was amazing and we got a ton of background info along the way and great lunch in the park. From there it was on to Flores where Carlos greeted us at the lovely hotel downtown ... more to make sure all was perfect. We could spend the late afternoon, evening and the next morning in Flores. In the afternoon we visited Yaxha and witnessed an impressive sunset over the Yaxha lake. Then it was back to San Ignacio in similar fashion as the day before. Very well spend 2 days in Guatemala, too bad we did not have more time.