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Climb to the top of 1000 foot waterfall through lush rainforest learning about the flora & fauna on the journey. End the challenging 1.5 hours hike with a refreshing swim in the ... moreemerald pools on the mountain top and take in the breathtaking view of the Tropical Rainforest & Caribbean Sea. Take the exhilarating 250ft rappel in two stages. Overcome the steep, rugged and slippery terrain and create true memories of your heroic moments.
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The blue turquoise water calls in Southern Belize the only English speaking country in Central America, where you get to venture out to Southwater Caye Reserve home to an abundance ... moreof bonefish. They are easy to see but takes great skill to get them in the boat. This experience includes an expert local fisher guide that has been fishing for decades whose passion it is to share in his hobby that of being a sustainable seaman. Authentic local food and rum punch or beers are provided for lunch on one of our many islands where we get to unwind and share stories.
Departs From:
Travelers will be engaged in traditional hand line fishing on the pristine beach and test their luck in the emerald green waters of the Fresh Water Creek Lagoon. Let our indigenous ... morefisherman teach you the tips and tricks to hooking that beautiful & tasty black snapper a winning that fight to get it on your plate. If you're really lucky you even might be able to catch a grouper.
Departs From:
Enter our traditional Garifuna Kitchen where we share with you. Our Cooking Class at Hopkins Belize is always a fun time. Earn your bragging rights by overcoming the heat in the kitchen. ... moreCook on a traditional open fire heart for a unique signature experience where you get to prepare your own traditional meal depending on the time of day you choose. We have specials for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From the Hudut, Bundiga, Boil Up and more for lunch to fluffy fry jacks, fresh fish, banana fritters, and more for breakfast or dinner. If it's a cultural meal your seeking, all you need to do is ask and we'll have fresh ingredients ready to satisfy your taste buds and a lesson to satisfy your culinary interests. Culminate your Garifuna Cooking Experience with a delicious cultural dessert.
Departs From:
Engage in baking a traditional Garifuna wonder bread with our master indigenous baker over an open flame traditional fire heart. We start by picking all organic ingredients out of ... moreour local garden. You then experience how to pull out the cassava root straight out the ground to prepare for your plate. Then we go through the traditional process of preparing the cassava for baking. All that hard work will surely pay off as you enjoy that mouth-watering taste of the wonder bread that can last for up to 5 years and has allowed the Garifuna people to win wars against western society.
Engage in baking a scrumptious black cake the traditional Garifuna way with our master indigenous baker over an open flame traditional fire heart. We start by picking all organic ingredients ... moreto make whatever your sweet tooth craves. Then start to make a delicious black cake from the finest organic ingredients with all our love put into it. We also add delectable flavors from our not so secret ingredients surely to entice your sweet tooth. All that hard work will surely pay off as you enjoy that mouth-watering sweet treat and will have all bragging rights at your next family gathering after you prepare it for them. Also, enjoy the ambiance of our secluded cultural island.
Departs From:
Bird watching can be enjoyed all year round outside the heat of the day. Belize has well over 500 residential and migratory bird species with 80% being residential. Whether you are ... morean experienced ornithologist or a birding beginner, Belize is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Enjoy a leisurely stroll and cruise through Sittee River and the rich farmland of Hopkins by boat and feet. Travel through a diverse ecosystem with literal forests with 3 types of mangroves, red, white and black. Mangroves are an excellent habitat for crocodiles, turtles, fish, and year-round water birds, like The Great Blue Heron and White Heron, Egrets, Pelicans, Osprey, Hawks, Falcons, Frigate birds, ducks, and the pink Roseate Spoonbills. While also giving you access to other bird species that are also found inland and not on the coast. Best of Both worlds
Departs From:
Perfect for birders or adventure seekers this tour will take you with our indigenous guide on a scenic 1/2 mile hike through a bio-diverse rain forest in the Maya Mountains up to the ... morenesting area of the majestic scarlet macaws.Where you will be able to see from 15-40 birds flocking in their majestic hues. Our guides are skilled nature lovers and will also show you distinct flora and fauna along the way. This tour is seasonal and operates from December to March.
Departs From:
Pristine waters, abundance of fish is the best recipe for an amazing fishing experience. Top it of with a expert indigenous local Garifuna guide and you are sure to make it a catching ... moreday. This tour takes you out to the deep blue waters in search of wahoo, kingfish or/and Grouper. Fresh catch is fillet and a authentic local lunch prepare with fresh produce. Relax on a beach, eat and drink in great company of your local fisher friend.
Departs From:
Seeing is belizing - Commerce Bight Lagoon Bioluminescence Be dazzled by stars as you sit back and enjoy a front row seat to the shimmer of the night on on the Commerce Bight & ... moreFreshwater Creek Lagoon. Tour departs from Palmento Grove Docking station at 6:00PM and return at about 8:00PM. We cruise in our 28 foot boat through the Lagoon looking to spot Crocodiles while heading to our magical location where you will be the witness to a magnificent mystical view of water glowing in the night with every droplet sparkling like stars. You can also look forward to seeing rays and lively fish darting around in otherworldly green glow.. Sure to mesmerize you and the entire family.

Get adventurous and venture into a kayak at the main entrance of Commerce Bight Lagoon and slide off with a glow. Experience the amazement of see the water shimmer at every stroke of your paddle and be a witness to the glowing of the various aquatic animals like fish and stingrays as they make their way pass the kayak.

It's truly unbelizeable!!
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