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Enjoy an unforgettable day walking through the steps of the Garifuna Ancestors. While also getting an opportunity to get acquainted with the waterways that once... more
provided sustenance for them. All at a great discounted price. Travelers will begin with Garifuna Cultural & Culinary Adventure Tour @2:30 PM, where you'll embark on a journey through our history and culture. It begins with a short history lesson with art, artifacts, and literature depicting our history. Then goes into traditional cooking sessions where you learn to cook the 'HUDUT''meal of our dignitaries. Then ends with drumming sessions with our professional instructor, allowing you to dance or catch the beat of our melodious Garifuna drums. A special surprise for your excellent job also awaits you at the end ;). Followed by a relaxing cruise through the calm, otherworldly waters of the bio-luminescent Fresh Water Creek Lagoon 6:00 PM. Observe the beautiful scenery as the night seemingly leads you to another planet with fishes, crocodiles and stingrays darting pass in a glowing green hue as you touch the stars when your hands pass through the water. Surely to leave you with an unforgettable memory as you leave the docking area @9:00 PM.
Departs From:
Travelers will begin with Garifuna Cultural & Culinary Adventure Tour @1:00 PM, where you'll embark on a journey through our history and culture. It begins with a short history ... morelesson with art, artifacts, and literature depicting our history. Then goes into traditional cooking sessions where you learn to cook the 'HUDUT''meal of our dignitaries. Followed by a Romantic cruise through the calm waters of Fresh Water Creek Lagoon 5:00 PM. Observe the most beautiful sunset you'll ever witness as the sun finds a blanket behind the majestic Maya mountains forming a mesmerizing hue of oranges, reds, and blues. While our professional drummers serenade you with melodious Garifuna music. Surely a moment you'll never forget.
Departs From:
Enjoy Belize's magnificent waterways to explore the turquoise waters of the largest living barrier in the world. Snorkeling through the refreshing waters witnessing an endless array ... moreof aquatic flora and fauna. Then go home to take a break before we head on an otherworldly adventure through the bioluminescent Fresh Water Creek Lagoon. Hold the stars in your hand as the water glitters of your skin, while aquatic fauna dart passes you with a green glow. All this at an amazing combo deal that will leave you with unforgettable memories.
Departs From:
An unforgettable catching experience awaits you as we venture out with chief indigenous fishermen that has been catching the biggest of fish in the deepest of Belize's Sea for decades. ... moreBrave the sea with our Garifuna warriors as they make it a fun trip. Listen to folklore, Garifuna man-talk and history, come share in our fishing secrets.Off the wall deep water fishing in Belize is a unique experience due to the fact the the Belize Barrier Reef is home to a plethora of tropical fishes. Species that can be found and caught on this fishing tour include barracuda, bonefish, cobia, grouper, rainbow runners, tarpon and triggerfish.
Our fishing guides are all locals and very knowledgeable about the area and will even customize your fishing tour to fit your preference and style while insuring that you have an exciting time with a delightful catch.
This fishing tour departs Palmento Grove Institute and pickup guests at the docks nearest to your hotel at 5:00AM and returns at 5:30 PM.

Departure from Palmento Grove Docking at 7:30

8:30 Arrival over the reef

Fishing in the deep dark blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

Lunch at 12 PM

Departure a 1:30
Departs From:
Southern Belize is home to a large number of bonefish, tarpon and permit and makes an amazing fly fishing destination in the country.... more

Sometimes called the Belize Permit Alley, southern Belize is also known as a world renowned permit territory.

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced angler, our professional fishing guides will ensure that you have a one of a kind fishing experience in Belize.

Our fishing guides are all locals and very knowledgeable about the area and will even customize your fishing tour to fit your preference and style.

Weather you prefer trolling along the outer cayes or spin casting anywhere along the coast you will get to experience it all on our fishing tours.

Be prepared to develop a passion for chasing the Grand Slam: permit, bonefish and tarpon.

This fishing tour departs Palmento Grove Lodge at 7:30AM and returns at 2:00PM.

Departure from Palmento Grove docking area at 7:30

Arrival on the reef around 8:30

Fly Fishing in the beautiful turquoise waters to catch a grand slam

Lunch at 12

Resume fishing at 1 PM

Departure at 2 PM
Departs From:
Garifuna Cultural Sunset Experience: Larabachu Weyu!!! Enjoy an amazing romantic sunset cruise with your loved one in southern Belize. This tour starts on the beach and sails through ... morecalm sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean and leads into the still emerald green water of the Freshwater Creek Lagoon, revealing the sun beginning its journey to rest behind our majestic Maya Mountains. Cultural cuisine included for dinner including non alcoholic or alcoholic drinks are also served as you and your loved one cherish a view that is only equally enchanting as each other while entertained by the pulsating beat of our Garifuna drums.
Departs From:
Seeing is Belizing - Freshwater Creek lagoon Bioluminescence, Food & Music Tour Be dazzled by stars as you sit back and enjoy a front row seat to the shimmer of the night on the ... moreFreshwater Creek Lagoon. Tour departs from Palmento Grove Docking station at 6:30 PM and returns at about 9:00 PM. Accompanied by the pulsation beat of Live Garifuna Musical Performance we cruise the Lagoon looking to spot Crocodiles while heading to our magical location where you will be the witness to a magnificent mystical view of water glowing in the night with every droplet sparkling like stars. Cultural 3 course Cuisine is served for Dinner with local appetizer, dessert, and alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages while being entertained by live drumming.
Departs From:
Explore the enchanting ecosphere of Freshwater Creek Lagoon - the Garifuna Way beginning at 7:30AM!!! Palmento Grove Cultural & Fishing Lodge sits along the Fresh Water Creek ... moreLagoon offering a remarkable experience that includes kayaking, fishing & cultural food exploration. Discover all of its marvels- the lagoon's history and its beauty! Grab a paddle and glide along the cool and calm waterways with your family while being guided by an indigenous fisher-folk. Explore the splendor of this ecologically important watershed and its breathtaking views of the Maya Mountains & the Caribbean Sea. Relax on the beach or at the lodge where the catch of the day is grilled and served with the best of cultural starch & dessert, fresh vegetable salad, and fresh fruit juice or cultural Drink.
Departs From:
Come and enjoy a fun filled day on our Garifuna Cassava Farm Tour. Come witness the traditional life of our Garifuna farmers; maintaining endless rows of cassava beds and reaping the ... moresplendid crop from their labor. This wonder crop has been loyal to the Garifuna people since their movement through the Caribbean by being the main staple in their diet and can last up to several years without spoiling. Therefore, come and enjoy seeing first hand how to prepare cassava bread from the plant to the finishing product and also come enjoy the delicious byproducts such as the scrumptious cassava pudding.

The tour departs from Hopkins at 7:30 AM with an estimated pickup from your hotel at 7:15 AM

It includes round trip pick up and drop off at your hotel.

Estimated arrival time at the Cassava Farm will be 8:00 AM

Accompanied by a licensed tour guide, you will be introduced to the owners of the Cassava Farm

The owners will also be your instructors for the day as they take you through the amazing cassava mazes they have worked so hard to maintain.

After that tour you will begin the labor-intensive, yet very rewarding, cassava preparing process

That is followed by sitting and chatting with the Garifuna folk as you enjoy a wonderfully prepared and scrumptiously delicious traditional Garifuna cuisine

Ending with a tasting of all the byproducts produced by the cassava during that tour. Your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied as you get a taste of the mouthwatering cassava pudding prepared from scratch with all natural ingredients.

Departure time will be at 2:00 PM

Arrival at your hotel will be at 2:30 PM
Departs From:
You will be picked up in Hopkins and head to Xunantunich with a local guide. The site was a major ceremonial center for the ancient Maya, and it was the first Mayan site in Belize ... moreto be open to the public in 1954. From the top of Xunantunich, you will get a spectacular panoramic view of the Cayo District and across the border in Guatemala.

Getting to Xunantunich includes riding a hand-cranked ferry to cross the majestic Mopan River.

After exploring Xunantunich and having lunch ( not included in the price), you will head to the Belize Caves. Heres where you start with a hike through the exotic rainforest to the mouth of the cave. The view is stunning as you float away from the cave entrance to your inner tube with only your headlamp to lead the way.

Afterward, you will return to your hotel.
Departs From:
Gold Certified: