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In need of some R&R or meditation in a quiet outdoor setting? Come try out unique yoga cave! Tucked away in a quiet corner of Cave World Adventures, you can be one with nature ... moreand find your zen- Belizean style! Use this private cave to practice yoga, meditation, journaling, praying, or whatever you need to relax, calm your mind, and enjoy nature. 

This tour is approximately 4 hours or more. This cave takes place right in this beautiful 300-acre adventure park in Cayo just 10 minutes from the famous Xunantunich Mayan ruin.
This tour includes entrance fee and a professional licensed tour guide.

Time: 8am, 1pm
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
This unique walk-through cave is featured deep in the jungle and accessible by ascending mossy stone steps. In addition to impressive stalactites and stalagmites, come and discover ... moreMayan traditions and ceremonies that took place thousands of years ago. It also includes Maya glyphs, unique formations and stunning views of the rainforest. This cave was part of a network of caves that the ancient Maya people believed connected them to the underworld in which their gods lived. This cave is perfect for those who don’t like enclosed spaces or too much climbing

This tour is approximately 4 hours or more. This cave tour takes place right in this beautiful 300-acre adventure park in Cayo called Cave World Adventures just 10 minutes from the famous Xunantunich Mayan ruin. This tour includes entrance fee and a professional licensed tour guide.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
This large cave, set deep in the jungle outside of San Jose Succotz, Belize, is for the hardcore adventurer. It literally has no end in sight (experts haven’t discovered it yet)! It ... morefeatures huge stalactite formations, Mayan ceramics, three lakes, and a breath-taking skylight view. It is believed that the ancient Mayans used this cave to access the underworld and that their gods and deities that resided there. The evidence has shown that the Mayans used this cave from the Early Preclassic, 1400-900 BC, until the Post Classic, mid-1500. It is also believed that this cave could possibly be part of a network that connects to the nearby site, Xunantunich. Come explore the Three Lakes Cave and be awed by such a rich, vivid history that is still present today!

This tour is approximately 4 hours or more. This 3 Lakes cave tour takes place right in this beautiful 300-acre adventure park called Cave World Adventures in Cayo just 10 minutes from the famous Xunantunich Mayan ruin. This tour includes entrance fee and a professional licensed tour guide.
What to bring:

packed breakfast and/or lunch
bottled water and/or snacks
swimwear, towels, extra dry clothes

What to wear:
comfortable clothing and running/hiking shoes
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
[Disclaimer: This is a test website for demonstration. None of the listings are real services] Kayaking is fun, but extreme kayaking with us down the Mopan River is much more exciting! ... moreOn this tour you will be paddling down multiple rapids in the Mopan River in the Village of San Jose Succotz. After kayaking for 2 hours, we will have a delicious plate of local rice and beans with stewed chicken or cow foot soup at Benny's.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Gold Certified:
Join our best Mayan Expert Guide to explore the Magnificence World that his ancestors created. Listen and become engage as history comes alive through the souls of a living mayan.... more

Xunantunich means the “Stone Maiden” in the Maya language. Since 1892, numerous people have claimed to have seen a ghost here, dressed completely in white with red glowing eyes.Ongoing excavations have revealed that the Xunantunich mayan ruins in Belize probably played an important role in the political power struggle of the Classical period.

It seems likely that it joined in an alliance with Caracol & Calakmul in Mexico to bring down Tikal in Guatemala.

Xunantunich stands on a flattened hilltop, overlooking the Mopan River in Belize.

There are 5 plazas on site, which were once part of this Maya civic ceremonial center.

However they are completely overshadowed by the towering El Castillo, or The Castle – it’s what makes the Xunantunich mayan ruins in San Ignacio one of the top destinations in Belize
Departs From:
Part of Ka’ana’s spell-binding magic is its deep roots in the Maya culture. Most of our guests are left with a sense of wonder at the rich history of the Maya people. If you can’t ... moreget enough and would love to experience Maya culture in a unique way, let us to take you and your taste buds on a culinary journey!

Maya food is steeped in a thousand years of history and tradition. Maya cooks still use ancient methods to prepare flavorful meals for their families. In this class, you’ll create classic dishes like tamales, corn tortillas, and caldo using the fogon, an authentic Maya stove, in our remake of a traditional kitchen. Discuss techniques and flavor profiles of the Maya and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Explore Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, climb the temples, visit the on-site museum and take pictures of howler monkeys. Learn about the ancient Maya history of this magnificent Mayan site. ... more
After a guided of Xunantunich, follow the footsteps of the Mayas into Xibalba, the Underworld. Float through sacred caverns on inner tubes as your headlights reveal crystal formations untouched for thousands of years.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
As we embark on this 100-mile drive through the hills of the country, you’ll encounter a breathtaking view of the mountains as we make our way to the Western Highway. We’ll pass Maya ... moreand Mestizo communities with their beautifully maintained farmlands and cattle farms.

Once we come to the banks of the Mopan River, we will cross on a hand-operated ferry before arriving across grassy plazas, where you will marvel at the architecture of El Castillo, one of the largest Maya Temples of Belize, and the largest structure at Xunantunich. El Castillo stands 130 feet above plaza level, with its reconstructed East and West friezes representing Gods of the Maya and several inner chambers. We’ll also move through other temples and courtyards where kings, queens and their elite carried out special ceremonies. Xunantunich has an excellent display center at the site, and you will have a chance to climb the “stairway to heaven” on El Castillo. This vantage point provides a breathtaking panoramic view of surrounding rivers and towns as well as Guatemala. After the tour, we enjoy a nice meal at a local restaurant in the town of San Ignacio. We make a stop on the way back on the Hummingbird Highway at St Herman Blue Hole for its natural turquoise pool surrounding by mosses and lush vegetation the perfect spot for an afternoon swim.
Departs From:
Package Includes: ● Transportation to Maya Site from Belize City or Cayo (other locations can be arranged) ● Maya Ruin wedding permit... more
● Tropical floral bouquet for bride and matching boutonniere for the groom with your choice of colors
● Wedding cake (pie or cupcakes!), and champagne toast
● Justice of the Peace to perform an official ceremony, all paperwork, processing, and certifications
● On-site wedding planner, and online planning tools
Climb the second largest Mayan temple in Belize “El Castillo” standing at 137ft off the ground and take in the exciting view off all the other temples that sits below it. Let your ... moreguide explain the meaning of the stacco decoration displaying the Sun God flanked by signs of the moon, venus and different days located on the side of El Castillo. This adventure is followed by a drive through one of the most beautiful parts of Belize as you make your way to the cave tubing site, after a delicious Belizean lunch of course! A small hike through the rainforest will take you to a beautiful lazy river where your relaxing cave tubing adventure will begin. Relax as your guide takes through a sacred cave system then on to an open river where the kiss of the sun will simply complete your day as it comes to an end.
Departs From:
Belize City