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/ Adult
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
It’s going to be an eventful day so be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This tour will start within a few miles of San Ignacio in air-conditioned transport to Xunantunich. ... moreXunantunich is a national treasure that fills its visitors with a sense of time travel. It sits close to Belize’s western border and is a must-visit. Local souvenirs, hammocks, and blankets are available from the many vendors waiting alongside the river at the entrance to the hand-cranked ferry that has carried many thousands to and from the calm beauty of this Maya Temple.

The panoramic views of the Cayo District and nearby Guatemala from atop ‘El Castillo’ are stupendous! Come with an open heart to experience simplicity and visiting another world for a few hours before heading off to Jaguar Paw for cave tubing & zip lining.

When you’ve arrived at the outpost, you will meet your tour guides who will issue inflatable tubes, headlamps, and life vests. You’ll be given a basic orientation and safety briefing before heading off on a 30-minute hike which includes wading through a few knee-deep water streams.

Once at the entrance of the cave system, it’s time for your ancient Maya underworld adventure. You’ll see intricate crystalline formations that line the cave with a majestic rise and fall of stalagmites and stalactites that add to the serene richness and grandiose of Xibalba as it’s known. After exiting the cave, you’ll emerge into the sunlight and free float downstream, ushered by the gentle current and little rapids, to the harmony of birds and natural wildlife which routes back to where the tour started.
/ Adult
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
FULL DAY tour of Xunantunich & Cave Tubing adventure will take you exploring the middle world of the ancient Maya to the depths of the Maya underworld. Climb ancient structures ... morethat were once the temples, palaces and private courtyards of the elite. Let these ancient places whisper to you some of its secrets through our knowledgeable guide(s) as you walk some of the ancient and jungle trails throughout the day.

Enjoy a Maya site, then float through glittering caverns along an underground river. Sample modern Belizean culture as we pamper you with delicious home-made food - feel free to let us know of any special dietary need: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.

Our guide will meet you & drop you off at your hotel/resort in San Ignacio town.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Zip Lining Since we have not figured out a way to grow feathers yet, a trip through the jungle on a zipline is a terrific way to get that fix.... more

This tour is not for persons with disabilities, heart conditions, back or leg problems. All guests must be in good physical condition. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Starts: 8:00AM Ends: 10:30AM


Getting There: The adventure begins at 8:00 AM with a pick up at your hotel or in San Ignacio Town. We embark on our journey out of San Ignacio on an hours’ drive along the George Price Highway (paved road) until arriving at the junction of the Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing outpost. The drive into the site’s parking lot is another 12 minutes or so on paved road. Upon arriving at the parking lot, you guide checks you in with the ranger.

At the Zip Line Course: AFrom the parking lot it’s a short 5 minutes’ walk to the gear station where skilled guides will brief you on safety procedures while fitting you with their own helmets, harnesses, and gloves. We then head out on a very short hike through the jungle onto the starting point. The first line is a teaser to get you hyped up. There are 6 rounds in total, each lasting about 12 seconds and covering 40 – 300 feet of cable. The highest you will fly over the jungle is about 150 feet high. The two lengths take you soaring over the caves branch river in an exhilarating and scenic glide. The entire course lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of persons in your party.

Departure: After our zipline adventure, you’ll walk back to the parking lot where you’ll have a chance to change into your water shoes and swimwear for a refreshing cave-tubing adventure! At this point (depending on what time you’re done zip lining) you may feel free to have an early lunch before you go tubing. By the time you get to the floating starting point, the food in your stomach will have settled. Otherwise you can have a late lunch when you return from tubing.

Duration: 45 – 60 Mins. (at the Zipline)

Difficulty level- Moderate

What to bring: Action Camera, light clothing, hiking shoes (no flip-flops).

Provided: Helmets, harness, gloves.

Cave Tubing

If you’re visiting with children or non-swimmers please let us know this ahead of time so as to verify Minimum height requirements of “40 inches” is met and kid-size life jackets are provided.

Starts: 11:00AM Ends: 5:00PM


Getting There: 

The Cave Tubing site is at the same place as the zipline. After changing into your swimwear, you’ll walk over to the equipment booth to grab a tube & helmet with headlamps. You’re ready to start!

The Zip line course is situated within walking distance at the same park. After changing into your dry clothes having concluded your tubing adventure, we sit down on the picnic tables under the trees for a delicious lunch (sited). After lunch, we take a little hike onto the zip line check-in station, (just long enough to get your stomach settled).

At the site: 

Once you’re all geared up, you then embark on a 45 minutes’ hike across the clear turquoise Caves Branch River. At this crossing there’s a rope across the river to assist you crossing. The water is knees-deep, typically. After the river crossing, we start off along a jungle trail heading upstream alongside the river. Your guide will point out interesting aspects of the local flora &fauna as we trek through – perfect time to take out your cameras (preferably water proof).

Upon arrival at the designated starting point, your guide will brief you on the proper safety techniques for boarding & floating on your tube. If you’re adventurous, you’ll want to dive or splash into the water from a rock at the starting point. From here, your guide will set you afloat through a series of cavers which periodically open up to the sunshine & jungle. When the water current is strong, you’ll be tied up into a cluster (like a train) with ropes so as to avoid anyone straying away. Your guide will (depending on time availability) will lead you to the river bank inside the cave where you’ll unboard your tube and hike up to a hidden cavern where Ancient Maya Artifacts and beautiful natural formations can be seen.

After a bit of cave exploration through tight spaces, you’ll hop back onto your tube and continue the journey down the river through the rest of the caves with occasional beautiful scenic openings on the side. The journey continues until you make it back to the first river crossing and then back onto the parking lot. Here you can use the expansive restroom complex to change back into your dry clothes and shoes.

A quick lunch can be enjoyed on the picnic tables at the parking lot before heading back to San Ignacio. 


After a late lunch, you’ll board our vehicle and head back onto San Ignacio via the George Price Highway, arriving around 5:00PM.

Duration: Approx. 5hours (at Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing)

Difficulty level:Moderate

What to Bring: Water Shoes (no flip-flops or open toe sandals), lightweight Shorts, Lightweight shirt, change of clothes, Sunscreen, Insect Repellant, Water, Camera (must be water proof).

Provided: we provide you with helmet, head lamp, life jackets, and towels.