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The People & Cultures of Belize

Part 1of 2
The people of Belize are often referred to as a melting pot of cultures. For such a small country, Belize’s population is very diverse. In this episode, we discuss the origins of Belize’s ... morecultural groups. Our guest is Joe Awe, Anthropologist and Chief Cultural Evangelist from NINE Belize Eco-Cultural Tours. Joe is one of the foremost experts on Belize's cultures. In this two-part discussion, Joe gives us a very thought-provoking lesson on the history of Belize's melting pot.
Guest Name:
Joe Awe
Part 2 of 2
This is the second part of our conversation on Belizean Culture and the people of Belize with Belizean Anthropologist Joe Awe from NINE Eco-Cultural Tours. Joe Awe is one of the most ... morerenowned experts on indigenous cultures in the country. In this episode, Joe continues the discussion on Belizean Cultures, how food and culture bring us together, and the Creolization of Belize.
Guest Name:
Joe Awe
Wherever you go in Belize, you are guaranteed to be greeted with smiles and warm welcomes. People of Belize are known as Belizeans and are a diverse, vibrant and engaging people. Come ... moretravel to Belize and explore the different cultures that we have in the country!
Belize Information
Added Date:
Thursday, 9 Aug, 2018
Author Name:
Angela Wu
Join the Belizing team on an exquisite Garifuna cultural experience in Hopkins Belize with Palmento Grove Cultural and Fishing Lodge. On this experience, you will be immersed into ... morethe culture for a full day and learn about their history, music, and food. We took a day trip from San Ignacio to Hopkins. Come along and get an insight into this experience and how you can sign up.
Belizing Adventures - Culinary Tour
Added Date:
Wednesday, 25 Apr, 2018
Author Name:
Luis Manzanero
For our Southern Belize adventures, we got the chance to explore the Mopan and Yucatec Maya culture with Mr. Ernesto and Mrs. Aurora. from Nuuk Che’il Cottages Through food, medicine ... moreand spiritual healing, we got a glimpse of traditional Maya practices and their role in the Maya life.
Belizing Adventures
Added Date:
Tuesday, 16 Apr, 2019
Author Name:
Angela Wu
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