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Belizing.com is the fastest growing Belize travel information and booking website. We are the first Belize-based travel marketplace for travelers to discover, plan and book amazing adventures directly from trusted local providers in Belize. Now anyone can easily and securely plan their own dream Belize vacation, and complete payment and reservations online through a secure and reliable platform.

How does Belizing.com Work?

We are an online marketplace website which works similar to Airbnb and other online marketplace websites. We partner with licensed tourism service providers, and they list and sell their services on our website. 

We connect travelers and local travel service providers for tours, shuttles, rentals, and charters. Belizing.com contains the largest selection of tourism services offered directly by service providers throughout Belize.

Can I contact the service providers?

Belizing.com enables direct communication with local licensed providers in Belize. Use the "send message" button on the service listing pages to send a message or ask questions about the service.

Compare Prices and Save. Travelers can get better travel value and more flexibility in choosing a trusted provider. The marketplace naturally encourages competition, meaning that the services providers have incentive to offer their best prices to travelers since competing providers all want your business.

Is it more expensive to book on Belizing.com?

No, there is no additional cost to you as the customer. Service providers pay us a commission for each booking, and in turn we provide marketing services and connect them with new customers. Service providers are incentivized to provide their best prices and tour packages online because they are effectively competing with each other to get your business. The result is that customers will get the best value for their money by booking on Belizing.com.

Are the providers trustworthy?

Tour Guides and Tour Operators in Belize have strict licensing requirements enforced by the Belize Tourism Board. Belizing.com vets all providers on the marketplace for compliance with Belize Government licensing. In addition, since you don't pay the service providers directly, your payment and payment information are secure and Belizing.com acts as your advocate when there are issues with your booking, such as cancellations or other disputes that warrant any type of refund. Our business model keeps the service providers honest and ensures that you always get what you paid for.

Local Support

Belizing.com maintains local offices in San Ignacio Cayo, providing local support for travelers and local suppliers. We personally know and work closely with all the companies that are selling their services on our website. In many cases, we have experienced the tours to ensure quality and value for dollar.

We work directly with licensed tourism service providers throughout Belize. 

By using Belizing.com, you are contributing to Sustainable Tourism in Belize by supporting a local small business, a local workforce, as well as the local economy, society, and the environment. Every dollar spent on Belizing.com stays in Belize and supports local Belizean families.

Our Mission & Vision

To become the #1 source for travel & tourism services in Belize.
To facilitate inclusive growth for all tourism service providers &
enhance online connectivity and coordinated digital marketing for them.  To Contribute and advocate for Sustainable Tourism.


Your payment information is secure, with full PCI compliance and fraud protection. Belizing.com uses SSL security encryption. No data is transferred in clear text. Our platform is hosted in data centers located in the US with the highest security standards. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all bookings.

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To Learn more about Belize Tourism, visit the official Belize Tourism Board Website at travelbelize.org

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