We Support Sustainable Tourism

Our Contributions to Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is the largest industry in our tiny nation, and much of our society and economy is dependent on tourism. Belizing.com is a Belize-based and Belizean-owned business that contributes to all aspects of sustainable tourism: Environmental, Societal, and Economical. By using Belizing, you are contributing to our sustainable tourism efforts by helping us provide jobs and better wages for Belizeans, and supporting the Belizean economy through tourism. 

Our Grant Program:
We have committed to set aside a percentage of every booking on belizing.com to support worthy causes throughout Belize. This is the centerpiece of our sustainable tourism efforts. 

How it Works?
At the end of each year, we will announce a grant amount available for qualified organizations. Nominations will then be accepted for a short period of time. Suppliers and customers can nominate organizations that they support or believe is deserving of the grant. A committee will identify the top three nominated organizations, and we will launch an online voting campaign to select the winner. Voting will be open to the general public for specified period of time. The winner will receive the grant, and Belize will always win!

Supporting Nature:
We want to help conserve the places most visited in Belize by travelers. Statistics show that the top places of interest for travelers are National Parks/Reserves (36.3%) and Marine protected areas (42.2%). Our goal is to support smaller organizations that may not have access to funding. We hope to be able to support as manu organizations as possible, and we highly encourage you to support them if you can.

Pack for a Purpose

We are proud to support the Pack for a Purpose Initiative

We encourage travelers to Belize to consider bringing a small gift to support a worthy cause and make an impact on the Belizean society. Through the Pack for a Purpose initiative, we are supporting the Water Walkers Boys & Girls Club in Belize City.

To find out more about this organization, and how you can help, please click this link: https://belizing.com/Pack-for-a-Purpose/