Orange Walk Town

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Orange Walk

  • Orange Walk Town Park
  • Lamanai Archaeological Site
  • Banquitas House of Culture
  • Cuello Archaeological Site
  • Flagpole Plaza
  • Nohmul Archaeological Site
  • The "best" tacos in Belize
About Location
Orange Walk Town is the fourth largest town in Belize and is the capital of the Orange Walk District. Locally known as "Sugar City," Orange Walk Town is known to have the best tacos in Belize. It is the paradise location for street food and the hub for agricuture.

Stop at cafes and get a first hand look at the everyday life of northern Belizeans. Then head to the Banquitas House of Culture to get a feel for the district’s history, culture and industry. They regularly host special traveling art, cultural and archeological exhibits.

When you’re done taking in the town, check out Honey Camp Lagoon, where the locals go. With its golden sandy beaches and coconut trees you’re sure to fall in love.

Be sure to see the New River, a waterway for the ancient Maya and check out the wildlife and scenery on your way to the Maya Temples.
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San Ignacio Town
On this all-day excursion from the Cayo District, you will travel to the Mayan site of Lamanai and also get to try the famous Sugar City tacos! Lamanai, which means “Submerged Crocodile”, ... moreis located in the Orange Walk district in northern Belize. Lamanai is impressive and well-known for the exceptionally long length of time that it was occupied by the Mayan people: its occupation spanned from the Preclassic Maya period all the way into the Spanish and British Colonial periods in the early 20th century. In contrast, most of the other Mayan sites in Belize were abandoned by the 10th century AD. To get to the site, your experienced guide will accompany you on an organized boat trip which departs from Orange Walk Town and travels along the New River. Once you reach the site, be sure to take in the impressive history as you explore notable structures such as the Mask Temple, Jaguar Temple, and High Temple. After your tour of the site, make sure to try the Sugar City tacos (in Orange Walk), which are claimed to be the best tacos in the
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Full Size Van
The journey is approximately 1 hour from the international airport to Orange Walk town. The journey from Belize city/water taxi would be 15 minutes longer. The drop off can be Orange ... moreWalk town or surrounding areas.
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Belize City
Have you ever been to Orange Walk Town Shuga City as is well known by and don’t know where to go while you are there? Think no more. Would you like to explore and taste the best ... moretacos ever? Have you ever heard the word Mestizo, but not sure about what that means or who these people are? Would you like to experience rum making from one of the oldest rum factories in Belize? Then you’ve made the right choice.

Your experienced Smart Travel Belize guide will be honored to take you around on a rather delicious food tour where you can enjoy the best Mestizo food you can find in the tacos capital of Belize. Tacos, Panades, Salbutes, Salpicon, Garnaches, Horchata, Belikin Beer and more. From there you will visit one of the oldest rum factories, Cuello’s Distillery where you will see first hand how rum is made from start to finish. You will also get a chance to visit one of the oldest Mayan site on-premise, El Cuello which dates back to over 4,000 years ago.

After indulging yourself with the aroma from the rum factory, enjoy the nap back to Belize City.


This tour is available to cruise passengers and overnight guests.

Kid friendly.

Gift shops in route.

This tour departs from and returns to Belize City unless there is a special request from our guests.
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