Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

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What’s the best way to experience Cockscomb? By staying on premises, of course. Cabins and campgrounds await, so whether you prefer a solid roof over your head or you never met a tent you didn’t like to sleep under, you can go to bed and awaken to the sounds of nature all around you. Be forewarned: this is a moist, tropical forest with high rainfall (around 100 inches annually), so if you can plan your visit in advance, cooler, dry air awaits between February and May. No matter when you come, you will be amazed when you witness this area’s ecological balance.

You also need a camping permit from the Conservation Unit of the Forest Department (08 22079).

The sanctuary headquarters occupies the site of the old logging camp at Quarn Bank. Facilities in place are dormitory-style lodging for 24 people, a kitchen area, visitor centre and common room for slide shows, a gift shop, campground and equipment rental outlet, and freshwater and toilet facilities. 2 backcountry campsites are also in place. The road to the centre is not paved, although its improvement is imminent and there is parking on site. Approximately 12 miles of nature trails have been cut through a variety of low scrub and forest areas immediately around Qum Bank. The longest trail is to The Outlier (4 miles) and takes a day to walk, although there is a 17 mile (4 day) walk to Victoria Peak, but its use is discouraged because of the potential hazard, lack of emergency facilities and previous abuse by past climbers.
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