Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair

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National Fair
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Sunday, 7 Jul, 2024Annually
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  • Maya Culture
  • Archaeological Research
  • Maya Art
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The Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair

The Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair is an educational fair in Belize that is hosted every year in the village of San Jose Succotz by Fajina Archaeology Outreach. Fajina Archaeology is a small outreach organization founded by archaeologists in Belize who are committed to supporting the communities in which they conduct research. One of the ways they accomplish this is by hosting educational fairs in San Jose Succotz, such as the Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair.

2019 Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair

This year the Fajina Archaeology Outreach is hosting the 5th Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture fair at the San Jose Succotz R. C. School on the 7th of July. They will showcase archaeological research in the area and the culture of Belize.

Why you should attend the 2019 Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair?

The 5th Annual Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair will include many fun Maya cultural activities, informational booths, cultural Maya music and food. It will be a great opportunity to have fun and learn about Belize's Maya heritage and culture.
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Cultural Activities
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7/7/201910:00 AMFull Day Event7 hours
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San Jose Succotz R. C. School, San Jose Succotz
San Jose Succotz, Cayo, Belize
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CheChem Ha is a Maya cave system located in Belize. The cave is home to hundreds of ancient pots, which are believed to have been used for offerings. The pots are made of a variety ... moreof materials, including clay, stone, and ceramic. They are decorated with a variety of symbols, including the Maya sun god, the moon goddess, and a jaguar god.

The pots were found in different locations within the cave. Some were found in chambers, on ledges, and others in the water. Some of them were in great condition while others are broken or damaged. 

The pots are a valuable archaeological find, as they provide insights into the Maya Culture and religion. they also show how the Maya used the caves for ceremonial purposes.
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Archaeological Site, Cave
San Jose Succotz is a Maya village in Cayo District, Belize, consisting mainly of people of Yucatec Maya descent. Locally known as "Succotz," this quant, little village is home to ... moregreat restaurants delivering delicious food. And, just across the Mopan River, lies the archaeological site of Xunantunich. Be sure to stop at the different arts and crafts stands near the ferry for handmade souvenirs.
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Phone Service, Restaurants
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San Ignacio Town
Journey to the ancient Maya ruins of Buena Vista on a horse for a closer experience with nature and to appreciate the wonders of our rainforest, flora, and fauna. This experience begins ... morein the Savana area enjoying the views riding along the banks of the Mopan River, you'd be lucky enough to spot the Howler Monkeys jumping from limb to limb and witness their powerful howl. You get to ride on Jungle trails heading to the different Plazas. where you will learn of its importance in Maya history. Depending on the water level you get to ride in the river. After the ride, we will drive 10 minutes to the site of Xunantunich. At the top of the highest temple, you'll behold a spectacular view, and miles of rainforest as well you will spot the border town of Benque Viejo (Belize) and neighboring Melchor de Mencos (Guatemala).
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San Ignacio Town
For an exciting combination of Xunantunich and water sports, try our kayaking and Xunantunich tour! This adventure starts at the impressive site of Xunantunich, which means “maiden ... moreof the rock” in Maya. This site takes you back to the time of a once great and flourishing civilization. View stellae, ball court, elite residential palaces, a sacred altar for blood-letting rituals, and a ceremonial courtyard. Climb to the top of El Castillo which is 130 ft and enjoy a panoramic view of the picturesque landscape below. After learning about the magnificent Maya history, it's time for the adrenalin rush-gliding down the rapids of the Mopan River on your sit-on-top kayaks. The challenge is to stay on top of the kayak as you ride down while at the same time enjoying nature in this particular area.
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San Ignacio Town
Xunantunich was a classic period Maya ceremonial and residential center. This site is located along the western border of Belize with Guatemala on the Mopan River in the village of ... moreSuccotz. The core occupies a hilltop with six plazas that include temples and palaces. The most prominent rises 130 ft above the plaza called “El Castillo”. Vehicles use a hand crank ferry to access the site.
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San Ignacio Town
XUNANTUNICH MAYAN RUINS ON HORSEBACK Riding through the jungle on horseback is an exciting way to discover the ancient Mayan city of Xunantunich. The tour begins at a local stable ... morewhere you will meet your Riding Guide, mount your horse and depart. The ride to Xunantunich takes you along a well-maintained trail through a large private farm, along the banks of the Mopan River, in the village of San Jose Succotz.

Here you will cross the river on an ancient (yet well-maintained and very safe) hand-operated ferry and then ride your horse up to Xunantunich. When you arrive prepare to dismount and let your horse rest and you spend as much time as you desire to explore the Xunantunich temples and plazas on foot. Afterward, we will ride to nearby Benny’s Kitchen for a delicious lunch of traditional Belizean dishes or enjoy lunch at the farm before returning to the stables. The horseback ride includes lots of nature viewing of local birds and plants.
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