Barton Creek Cave

Type of Attraction
Archaeological Site, Cave

  • Beautiful stalactites in Barton Creek Cave
  • Ancient Artifacts
  • Human Remains
  • Canoeing

About Location
Tucked away in the Mountain Pine Ridge area is Barton Creek Cave, a wet cave that offers canoeing and a chance to see Maya ceramics and calcified skeletons of ancient Maya. If you want adventure, the drive here alone should get you ready for this cave expedition.

One of the most interesting discoveries was a necklace composed of perforated animal finger bones and a carved bone. The carving depicts a seated figure with his hands across his waist and legs facing forward.
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Tours & Shuttles
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Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Barton Creek Cave with Mountain Pine Ridge, Big Rock Waterfall, tour start at 8:00 am. Drive from San Ignacio for approximate 45minutes on a dirt road to the parking area. With a guided ... moretour, canoeing, and cave looking at great natural formation and ancient remains. After the tour, there is a lunch break and drive for 1 hour to Big Rock Water Falls for swimming and relaxing. Then, we are back at the hotel around 5:00 pm.
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Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Want a beautiful, unique view of a cave in Belize? Try cave canoeing through Barton Creek Cave, located in the Cayo District of Belize. Begin your journey at the Mennonite Community ... moreof Upper Barton Creek and descend to the entrance of the 4.5-mile cave. Your guide will lead you through the cave, and as you paddle, look out for sparkling crystal formations which are over 1 million years old. Your guide will tell you details of the rich Mayan history, archaeology, and geology of the cave. Don’t forget to point your headlamp above you to see the soaring cathedral ceilings and a variety of other rock formations. After your float back to the entrance of the cave, finish your day off with a well-deserved swim in the creek.
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