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Barton Creek is a remote cave that, like many of the subterranean caverns of Belize, was used by the ancient Mayan people for ceremonial purposes.  This is a relaxed, but exciting canoe trip inside a mountain on an ancient waterway where you can observe grand cathedral ceilings in the cave, as well as numerous formations and stalactites and stalagmites.

We begin our journey through farmland where you can observe the Mennonite community of Upper Barton Creek and experience their traditional lifestyle.  We then reach Barton Creek Cave, much of which is still to be explored and which stretches for 4.5 miles. We canoe in for one mile exploring the amazing history and geology of this massive cave. At the entrance of the cave, we board our canoes, switch on our headlights and start to slowly paddle into the cave passage.  While floating deeper into the passage we learn about the geology, archaeology, and Mayan history of these caves.  Our lights will bring to life sparkling crystal formations that are millions of years old. After exploring the caves, we turn our canoes around and float back to park our canoes and complete our half-day tour with a refreshing swim.

Optional Add-ons:
To extend the fun into a full day, please check with our front desk personnel about adding another activity such as jungle zip line, butterfly farm, or waterfalls. 

+Jungle Zipline
After the relaxing canoe paddle at Barton Creek, you can opt to pump up the adventure and take a stop at our longest aerial canopy zip-lining tour—Ultimo Explorer— which is more than 2,700 feet. Each of our four tours offers you a return to the main platform on a 500 ft run via our jungle lift platform. The 2-hour tour is for zip line enthusiasts. It combines the Explorer and Intermedio in over 2,700 feet of a zip line, comprised of 9 runs and 15 platforms, that takes you over and through the jungle. This is a safe and exhilarating way to see the jungle like never before, flying through the treetops!

+Waterfall Big Rock Falls
Big Rock Falls is a 150-foot waterfall flowing over the granite boulders of Privassion Creek. We hike down the escarpment hidden deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge where we come to the stunning waterfall and the crystal pool into which the cascading waterfalls, spray a cooling mist. You can scramble over boulders and see the water rushing past you as you plunge into the pool below. Enjoy the natural beauty of this hidden paradise with a picnic lunch and only the sound of splashing water, birds singing, and wind in the trees to disturb the peaceful solitude.

+Butterfly Farm & Botanical Garden
Located in the Cayo district, between limestone hills covered with lush vegetation, is the Belize Butterfly Ranch and Botanical Collections. Here, you will be able to see a kaleidoscope of exotic butterflies of various species, from iridescent blue to gorgeous orange, dazzling yellow to intriguing gray. The butterflies fly freely in a 3,300-square-foot beautifully landscaped butterfly display. This facility is geared toward conservation, research, and education. There is also a botanical collection of over 120 species of plants, including orchids, many of which are critical to the butterflies’ reproduction and rearing. After viewing the butterflies, enjoy a snack at the picnic area or take a peek at their gift shop! Come to be dazzled and amazed at the beauty of these rare and alluring creatures!

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