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New Safe Travel Requirements - Travelers Must Purchase Health Insurance to Enter

By 1/13/2022

  • The insurance is mandatory, despite any existing third party coverage.
  • Purchase is required Per Person including infants and children. The cost is $18 USD each.
  • Everyone with a foreign passport will be required to have this insurance
  • A 24-hr Emergency Contact Center will handle all claims
  • The policy does NOT provide coverage outside of Belize

Purchase Now
In an effort to further protect the health and wellbeing of international visitors and Belizeans from COVID-19, Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the official tourism organization for Belize, has released new safe travel standards for any persons entering the country. Effective Feb. 15, 2022, all visitors are required to apply for Belize Travel Health Insurance – a mandatory insurance that helps protect travelers against incurred medical and non-medical expenses if they test positive for COVID-19 during their stay in Belize.

The cost of the policy is $18 USD and provides coverage for up to $50,000 USD in medical expenses related to treatment of COVID-19 for a period of 21 days. This insurance plan will come online under the country’s public health regulations and provide coverage for lodging expenses due to quarantine up to $2,000 USD (max $300/day USD). Travelers will also be covered for emergency assistance services such as air evacuation and emergency expenses related to pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, it covers trip cancellations and expenses incurred by COVID-19 positive travelers for extended stays.

Some important entry highlights are listed below:
  • It is recommended that travelers purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance prior to their travel to Belize; however, purchases can be made upon arrival at the Philip Goldson International Airport or at Belize’s land borders
  • Visitors must purchase Belize Travel Health Insurance and are required to complete the Customs and Immigration form that is provided on all flights to Belize.
  • Exempted from this mandatory insurance are Belizean nationals, permanent residents and travelers with QRP or Long Stay status and flight crews.
  • All international tourists must book accommodations at a Gold Standard property and present confirmation at immigration.
  • All travelers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, entering Belize through the Philip Goldson International Airport from other countries will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test.
  • If no test is presented, a COVID-19 test will be administered at the airport for a fee of USD $50 per passenger. Children under the age of 5 years will not be required to present a negative test.
In the past year, Belize has implemented several traveler protocols to keep visitors feeling safe, including the Tourism Gold Standard Program and Travel Belize app, which enables travelers to seamlessly plan their vacation with certified hotels and tour operators (an entry requirement). The new Travel Health Insurance mandate underscores Belize’s commitment to health and safety, enhancing travel confidence and giving visitors peace of mind to schedule that well-deserved vacation for 2022 and beyond.

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Latest Updates

As we get additional updates on the upcoming Belize Travel Health Insurance, we will post them here. In general, the insurance will be implemented as a reimbursement scheme. Therefore, visitors may be required to cover costs upfront. If the insurance is purchased beforehand and you cannot travel, the insurance also covers some of your non-refundable expenses.

Trip Cancellation

In case of any unforeseen Medical Emergency, injury, or death of the insured, or a close family member, and the policyholder is unable to travel, they will be reimbursed for their hotel expenses up to a maximum of $3,000 US Dollars. The insured will contact a 24hr call center where they will be guided in regards to documents that will need to be provided, for example, an invoice from the hotel, or a medical form in the case of injury. Once they meet the criteria, the policyholder will be reimbursed and will not need to be concerned about a refund from the hotel property if the cancellation falls outside of the Hotel's cancelation window.

Medical Emergency

The policyholder will reach out to a local telephone number that is linked to the 24-hour call center. The call center will then reach out to their network of doctors, medical facilities, and ambulance services depending on the severity of the illness. They will guide the policyholder through the process, and the Third-Party Administrator (WTA) will settle payments with providers, up to the $50,000 USD policy limit.

Covid 19 Quarantine

The policyholder will reach out to a local telephone number that is linked to the 24-hour call center. Basic information will be required, including the hotel in which they are staying. If for some reason the facility is not an approved Covid 19 facility (if mandated to be) they will arrange for the person to be transported to an approved facility. Once there the policy holder will be reimbursed a maximum of $300 USD per day, up to a maximum of $2,000 USD.

Filing Claims

To file a claim, please contact the insurer using one of the methods below:
Email - assistance@wtabyhas.com
Phone - USA: + 1 786 275 7090
Phone - Belize: +501 614 8189
WhatsApp - +1 863-204-5050

Can visitors choose their own insurance?
No, the Belize Travel Health Insurance will be mandatory for all visitors, regardless of existing coverage elsewhere.
Where can the insurance be purchased?
The details and links for purchasing the insurance in advance are not yet available. Starting on Feb 15, you will be able to purchase insurance on arrival in Belize. Further details will be provided on Belizing.com when it becomes available.
Who is required to have insurance?
Based on the limited details released so far, ALL visitors will be required to purchase this insurance except Belizean nationals, permanent residents and travelers with QRP (retirees) or Long Stay (>30 days) status and flight crew.
How do the insurance claims work?
The insurance will likely be a reimbursement arrangement. A 24-hour call center will be available for assistance with claims.
Does this insurance cover Covid Quarantine.
The Belize Travel Health Insurance will cover quarantine lodging expenses only up to $2,000 USD. These costs will be reimbursed to the traveler upon approval of a claim.
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Belize Tourism Board

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is a statutory body within the Belize Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, and it is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations. The BTB works in conjunction with members of the private sector – including the Belize Hotel Association, Belize Tourism Industry Association and Belize National Tour Operators Association – and is dedicated to building tourism in the most economically and environmentally sustainable manner. As a part of its responsibilities, the BTB promotes Belize as a premier tourism destination to both in-country and international consumers. Among its outreach to the international travel market, the BTB markets the country’s unique attractions to travelers, members of the travel trade industry and media outlets in key markets. The BTB is also dedicated to developing and implementing tourism programs that will help strengthen and grow the Belizean tourism industry; promote good destination stewardship; and instill high quality standards for accommodations and travel experiences.

I am a US citizen but own a home in Belize. Do I have to have the insurance?
I've been wanting to travel to Belize for over 2 years now. Place was pretty much closed in 2020 and last year all these testing requirements and Gold Standard hotels only were just more reason to wait for more reasonable policies. It look like I'll be using my boat in Florida alot more this again and start learning Spanish again so I can go see some other great places in Central n S America, and ... more the hell with Belize and their stupid restrictions. Yes, I said Stupid restrictions. Masks don't work, social distancing doesn't work, lockdowns don't work. If you're going to get it you're going to get it. Take rational steps to build up your immune system and get over this "flu" just like 99.7% of everyone else does. What a joke, close the world for a flu, but let's still let 3 billion children die of starvation every year when we already know the cure for that.
Trip cancellation. The note above says it will pay for hotels in the event of a positive covid result preventing you from going on the trip. Will it also cover the flight costs if you are unable to fly due to a positive covid test (before you depart)? Assuming you buy the insurance in advance.
Ben J
No it does not cover flight costs. Only "some" of your non-refundable hotel expenses will be reimbursed.
If one does a home antigen test the day of departure to Belize, what documentation is needed to prove a negative result?
Yup I think this is my final straw going to cancel my vacation now . Spending my hard earned time and money for entry test, exit test, curfews , have to wear mask when in public for 9 days or be ticketed now travel insurance !!!??? Think ill take my 9 nights to Florida where I do not have to do anything to spend my money ?? Maybe next time Belize when you relax !?
what are the requirements needed for a Filipino citizens going to Belize this 2022. God bless
I am going to Mexico in February. Taking into account the entry fee (20$), COVID test (50$), ferry fees (120$), curfew, book at least 3 nights on Gold Standard hotels... and now 18$ more on insurance? Forget it, I am staying longer in Mexico! Thanks
I would really like to know if this is available for purchase now. I am planning to come down this month and would purchase this insurance if I can. Is it only available for travel after the February date? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind having to buy insurance, it is what it is but if I can buy this one I would love to know how I can do that now for travel this month.
Tracey G
Ditto here. On the surface it looks like a great deal for the price.
Tracey G
Same here. We are arriving on February 12 and would like to be set once we arrive.
Dave V
I have no problem with the $18 fee. It's a great price for helping travelers feel more at ease if there was a problem. It's much cheaper that anything else you could get for the coverage it provides. This is a great idea in my opinion. We are going to Belize in February for 2 weeks. The last time we went was last September, and if you tested positive back then, you had to pay your own costs to quarantine. ... more We love Belize and have been going there every year since 2014. Way to go Belize!
This is an absurd policy & thinly veiled money-grab. Completely unnecessary for most international travelers. Private insurance, travel insurance, and included medical coverage on most major credit cards already provide this. A huge deterrent to choosing bullies vacation destination.