Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Type of Attraction
Nature Reserve, Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Various Species of Birds
  • Iguanas & Monkeys
  • Hiking Trails
  • Cashew Festival

About Location
Located in the Belize District, the Crooked Tree Wildlife Santuary is considered to be the perfect spot for bird watching. Described as a "mosaic" of lagoons, creeks and savannas, this reserve is home to hundreds of refugee birds in the dry season. Take a peaceful stroll on the Limpkin Trail and make sure to spot as many birds as you can.
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Belize Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show Get your appetites ready! The annual Belize Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show is just around the corner. Hosted in Crooked Tree Village, ... moreBelize District, artisans, chefs, and local cashew farmers come together for this two-day event to display a wide range of cashew products. Filled with entertainment, contests, fresh produce, wines and cashew-inspired dishes, many travels to the little village of Crooked Tree to experience this highly anticipated event of the year. Throughout the day will be filled with excitement, tasty treats and activities.
Where is the Belize Cashew Fest?
The Cashew Festival will be at Crooked Tree Village in the Belize District. If you would like to know how to get to Northern Belize, then check out our transporation in Belize blog.
What to do at the Belize Cashew Fest?
The Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show in Crooked Tree Village is a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors to experience cashew in a unique and exciting way. Celebrating this nutritious nut, local artisans, chefs and farmers bring their best cashew products and produce to the show grounds for the public. You can’t miss this once-a-year event.
What to bring to the Belize Cashew Fest? Things you should take to Cashew Fest are;



comfortable clothing and shoes
Crooked Tree Village
Belize District, Belize
Start Date:
Monday, 11 May, 2020Annually
Orange Walk, Belize
Available Listings
/ Adult
Departs From:
Belize City
This village located at the center of a lagoon is one of the best places for bird watching in Belize, known as the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Home to the largest stork in the ... moreAmericas, the Jabiru stork, with a height of 5 feet and a wingspan of 8 feet! We see many birds, reptiles and other animals along the boat ride in the lagoon and surrounding waterways. Next, saddle up for a horseback ride through the village spotting more wildlife like the native black howler monkeys. It will be one of the most peaceful and relaxing days of your life.
Departure time is 8:00 - 8:30 am
From Belize City

Things to wear:
comfortable walking shoes, comfortable athletic clothes, sun block.

**Price of the ferry from islands to tour starting point in Belize City can be a lot less if guests opt for us to purchase the ferry tickets for them.**
/ Person
Departs From:
Belize City
The tour begins with pick up from your hotel or terminal. We then drive along the Philip Goldson Highway to the wildlife sanctuary. At the sanctuary, we will then board a boat and ... moretraverse one of the creeks that branch off from the main lagoon, Black-collared Hawks, Snail Kites, Great-black Hawks, Green Herons, Boat-billed Herons, American Pygmy, and Green Kingfishers are all possibilities. After the boat ride, we will then travel the pine-oak savannahs in search of Acorn Woodpecker, Yucatan Jay, Yucatan Woodpecker, Olive Sparrow, Vermilion Flycatcher, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture and more. Our last stop in the village is the western lagoon where we search for the illusive Pinnated Bittern.
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