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COVID-19 Measures Taken by the Department of Transport

By 3/25/2020

The Department of Transport (DOT) continues to work closely with the Ministry of Health to address some of the challenges related to COVID-19.

The Department’s main focus at this point is to maintain uninterrupted, but safe, public transportation services to all commuters countrywide until otherwise notified by the Government of Belize. The DOT in collaboration with the Transport Board and the Belizean Bus Association (BBA) hereby notifies the public of the following new measures:

  1. In order to address the recent interruption of public transportation with the cancellation of service by some operators, limited and flexible transportation bus schedules will be developed according to the demand for service.

    These schedules are subject to change without notice since the situation with COVID-19 remains very fluid. Changes will be widely published and publicized.

  2. Public transport service continues to be limited to seated passengers only. No excess passengers will be allowed.

  3. The interior of all buses including seats and metal surfaces such as handrails must be sanitized before departing each bus terminal along the route.

The DOT thanks the bus operators who have willingly agreed to continue to provide this essential service to commuters during this critical time.

All commuters and operators are advised to take extra precautions and all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The DOT is dedicated to ensuring that the movement of employees who are critical in order to ensure safety, security and the movement of essential food and other supplies will continue with minimal interruption during this crisis.

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