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Get out and see things you have only heard about or maybe never even imagined. Enjoy the advantage of a local, professional guide with over 10 years experience. Immerse yourself in our amazing culture, wildlife and landscapes in an educational adventure.
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This trip starts with a 45-minute jungle hike that includes three creek crossings and then the entrance to Achtun Tunichil Muknal looms out of the jungle mist inviting the explorer ... moreto discover ancient Maya secrets.

You will swim into the ancient Maya Underworld and spend the next few hours exploring places known to a very few people. Access to the ATM cave is limited by the Belize Department of Archeology and, unlike other area caves, this one has been largely protected from looting.

The ATM’s secrets include Maya pottery, the full skeleton of a teenage Maya girl now called “The Crystal Maiden”, and other human remains.

The ATM Tour is for the adventurous. Hiking, climbing, and swimming can be challenging. Remember though, nothing incredible is ever easy and this trip is incredible! Experience some of the best adventures Belize has to offer, Actun Tunichil Muknal, the ATM Cave.
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Shirley Vos
Thankyou Edwin, Monica, and especially “Poncho”, for the most exiting, exhilarating, educational, fun, tour we have ever had the opportunity to take part in. You are truly one of the best tour companies we have had the privilege of hiring and will highly recommend you to all. You were prompt, courteous, professional, educational, safe and just down right fun and appreciated beyond words and we Thankyou. ... more John, Shirley, Anna, Chad and Michelle.