Hopkins Mango Fest

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Type Of Event
Start Date
Saturday, 8 Jun, 2024Annually
Entrance Fee
6/10/2023 - 6/11/2023

  • Mangoes
  • Food Booths - Tugusina Garifuna, Baha Fiesta
  • Renowned Local Chef - Sean Kuylen
  • Jewelry, Painting, Textiles, Local Art Pieces
  • Dashiki Competition hosted by Tina's Kitchen
  • Live Music & Entertainment Paranda Music, Caribbean Rhythm, Reggae
  • Local Artists
  • Games, Raffles, Cooking Competitions

About Event

Hopkins Mangu (Mango) Fest

In Garifuna, "mango" is known as "mangu." In the village of Hopkins, the soil of the area is rich in nutrients and allows local farmers to grow a variety of different mangos. Started in 2013, the Hopkins BTIA Chapter hosts the Hopkins Mangu Fest with the goal of promoting Hopkins Village as an attractive tourist destination that displays a unique and enjoyable cultural and culinary experience. In addition to this, the festival also contributes to an economic boost for local businesses in the area as the slow season, or "maga" season, is in effect.

The Hopkins Mangu Fest is an exciting, family-friendly, two-day event that celebrates everything mango, ranging from mango-inspired dishes, jams, and jellies, candies, and drinks. Usually, there are plenty of competitions and games at the different booths. Although this festival is surrounded by delicious mango fruits, the Garifuna culture is also greatly promoted through clothing, music, dance, and food.

2023 Hopkins Mango Festival

The 2023 Hopkins Mango Fest will be a fun festival for the entire family. There will be lots of musical performances, games, and prizes! The theme is, of course, mangoes, in which all stalls will feature mango in their food, drinks, and arts. Come out and celebrate!

Why you should attend the 2023 Hopkins Mango Festival

Not only would you get to taste the sweet nectar of ripe, mature mangoes, but you will also be able to experience the Garifuna Culture and enjoy quality family time with all the exciting games and activities. Attending this festival will be feasible if you are staying in nearby villages and towns. Hopkins is just a short thirty-minute drive from Dangriga and an hour away from Placencia.
Suitable for:
What to bring?
  • Cash
  • Energy to Dance
  • Appetite for Delicious Mango Eats
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable Clothing
Outline of Event
Contact Information
Location Information
Holy Family Catholic Church Beach and Grounds
South Road, Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, Belize
Stann Creek
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Private Vehicle: a. If you own a vehicle or have access to a private vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you can drive to the Hopkins Mangu Festival in Hopkins Village. This is the easiest and most recommended option for transportation. 2. Rentals/Charters/Shuttles: a. If you would like to drive or be driven directly to the Mangu Festival, you can rent a vehicle (make sure you have a valid driver’s license) or request a charter or shuttle to transport you to Hopkins Village. Arranging this option is easy, Belizing.com has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) https://belizing.com/Shuttles/ (Rentals/Charters) https://belizing.com/RentalsCharters/ 3. Public Transportation (Buses): a. On the mainland, buses can take you anywhere along the highways. Getting on a bus would require you to go to the town’s bus terminals or wait in a bus stop on the main road. It is recommended that you sit close by the bus driver or ask the bus driver to let you come off at the bus stop near the junction of Hopkins Village. If you are staying north of the country (Corozal or Orange Walk), you would have to take a bus going to Belize City. Then you'll be required to take a bus going to Punta Gorda Town and stop at the bus stop at the junction for Hopkins Village. If you are in western Belize (Benque Viejo del Carmen, Succotz, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town, or other nearby villages) you would need to take an express or regular bus to Belmopan City. From Belmopan City, you would then be required to take a bus going to Punta Gorda Town and stop at the bus stop at the junction for Hopkins Village. Those living south of the country (Placencia or Punta Gorda or other nearby locations) take an express or regular bus to Belize City and then stop at the Hopkins Junction. Bus fares depend on where you are taking the bus and where you are stopping and whether if it is a regular bus or an express bus (non-stop). It should range from $3 BZD to $25 BZD. Note: From the junction, it is a six-mile distance into Hopkins Village. To get into the village, you would have to resort to hiking the 6 miles, catch a taxi that goes into the village or hitchhike a ride into the village. b. If you are staying at one of the islands, there are water taxis available that travel to and from Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Corozal. Water taxis should take you from the island to Belize City. Fares usually depend on which island you are at and whether if it is a one-way or roundtrip ticket. Upon arrival at Belize City, you can take a taxi (recommended) or walk to the bus terminal and get on a bus to Punta Gorda Town. 4. Taxi: a. This option is quite costly if you are planning on taking a taxi cab to the Mangu Festival. If you are staying in Placencia or somewhere near Placencia, however, taxi fares are not too expensive. b. If you are somewhere further than that, taking a bus is recommended because it would be quite costly to take a taxi. 5. Hitch-hiking: a. When all else fails, and you really want to make it to the festival, you can stand at the roadside of a highway and catch a ride with someone who’s going to the direction of Punta Gorda, Placencia or Independence. For safety and other reasons, this is not 100% recommended. The Mangu Festival is a two-day event; so, if you missed the bus or can’t find a way to make it the first day, you can always make it the following day. Although, if you take public transportation to the junction for Hopkins Village, you might need to hitch hike to go in to the village, which is six miles from the junction.
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