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There are many reasons as to why Belize is so wonderful. We have the sandy beaches, the tropical rainforest, the beautiful faces, the mouthwatering food, the ancient Maya ruins, the largest living Barrier Reef (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE). We are truly a blessed country. But what makes Belize even greater is what it does to those who visits. Belize creates magical experiences for those who dream of experiencing a new world and culture. Belize creates the adrenaline rush for those adventurist who have always wanted to swim with sharks or dive the Great Blue Hole. Belize creates smiles and laughter for our little love ones as they hold a live iguana for the first time. It leaves those food enthusiast wanting more and more of the tamales they ate from a local street vendor. Belize creates stories for you to tell your grandchildren and your friends, to write on your blog or in your dairy. It creates the perfect family photo or selfie to post on your Facebook or Instagram page. Belize will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime!

Jem Travels & Tours is all about creating those special memories and moments.
As Belizeans, there is nothing more startling than sharing our country with the world. For you to taste the mouthwatering cere that our Garinagu friends make, to grab a ripe mango off the tree and eat it on the spot, to teach and show you about the great Maya Civilization that once roamed this land, to see you sit and talk to our wonderful locals and hear them tell wonderful stories about the golden years in Belize.

To share our culture and history with the world is what we do. In wonderful, magical, delicious and adventurous ways we will ensure that you experience the Jewel.

Mar & Jorge
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