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Maya Wedding Ceremony | Xunantunich, Belize

By Angela Wu 5/29/2018 3 minutes

The act of marriage is a symbolic milestone for couples around the world. In a marriage ceremony, the bride and groom are joined by beloved family and friends to commemorate the union. Most commonly, weddings are held in churches, courthouses, and Las Vegas – if you’re daring enough.

However, a unique experience for celebrating such a union would be a traditional Maya wedding ceremony. This can be accommodated for by SAK-TUNICH, a family project that started in 1990 which aims to promote the Yucatec Maya Culture locally and internationally. Mr. Jose of SAK-TUNICH is a Maya priest that conducts spiritual private Maya wedding ceremonies at either, Xunantunich Archaeological Site, Cahal Pech Archaeological Site, SAK-TUNICH Archaeological Site, and other available Maya sites.

Having a traditional Maya wedding ceremony is a spiritual ritual that binds the bride and groom together with positive energy and happiness. Held at the main plaza of the site, incense burners are placed at each cardinal point, burning copal, which is an incense that comes from a sacred tree in Mexico.

For this symbolic Maya wedding, these four points are important as we all have them inside our bodies – air, north, is our breath; earth, south, is our bodies; fire, east, is our spirit; water, west, is our blood. The lighting of these points symbolizes the opening of the directions, which the Maya priest would pray and ask for the elements to be present during the ceremony.  These elements are alive and have existed throughout time; and, they listen to everything that is said and done by human beings. They would focus their energies to the center where the bride and groom are and connect the energy and happiness of nature for their path as a union ahead.

The Maya priest who leads the ceremony is someone who can see and talk with the energies and elements of nature. After the prayers have been said, more copal is then used to throw into the main fire to cleanse all bad energies and thoughts from the aura of the couple and of the wedding guests.

The aura is the energy field that everyone has around their body; and, it is where the bad thoughts from other people can get stuck. Healing and cleansing of the bride and groom’s aura can reconnect the nervous system correctly and activate happiness in the couple’s union.

Having a traditional Maya wedding ceremony is not just about hosting a destination wedding at a tropical location, but rather cleansing and connecting positive energies for a happy marriage. SAK-TUNICH offers this service to anyone who is interested in conducting a traditional symbolic Maya wedding ceremony. This can be conducted at Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, or SAK-TUNICH in Belize.

The spiritual aspects of a Maya wedding ceremony involve the spiritual basis of the bride and the groom that will be reflected in the cosmos. The witnesses at the wedding are not limited to your invited guests, but also all living things that surround the couple at that very moment. The Belizing team believes that a wedding should be a holistic ceremony that encourages a positive marriage. If you are interested in conducting a traditional Maya wedding ceremony, you can request the service through Belizing.
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Cahal Pech Archaeological Site, also known as "Place of Ticks," is the only Mayan ruins located in San Ignacio town. Sitting at the top of a limestone hill, the eerie atmosphere of ... morea once populated site can fascinate the minds of history lovers or intrigued visitors. Only a ten minute climb from uptown San Ignacio, you can also visit the museum that's on the same location.
Type of Attraction:
Archaeological Site, Landmark
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Xunantunich, roughly translated as "Maiden of the Rock" or "Stone Woman" from the Yucatec Maya language, is an astonishing temple constructed by the ancient Mayas. It was an important ... moreceremonial centre built around AD 600 near the end of the Maya Late Classic Period. Located in western Belize on the George Price Highway, eager visitors must first travel on a ferry across the river to view the amazing structure.
Type of Attraction:
Archaeological Site, Landmark
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CEREMONIAL WEDDING - XUNANTUNICH This is a spectacular Wedding that is held at Xunantunich. Here you will experience what it was like to get married in the Mayan Culture.... more
Below is a breakdown of the total cost and also you can also spice up your wedding by adding Traditional music, Champaign, Photography or Wedding Cake for an additional price.

The cost of the Wedding itself: $282.50 US
Permit for the use of the Archeological Site: $300 US (Mandatory)

Here is a list of the Adds On:

Mayan Music: $155.38USD

Cleansing: $113 USD

Mayan wedding Plaque: $56.50 USD

Champagne: $84.75 US

Photography: $282.50 US

Wedding Cake:$141.25 US
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Sak-Tunich Maya site was constructed by a family of Yucatec descent. It includes Plaza A & B, a ceremonial room, a collection of artifacts, and underground entrance. ... more

At the site, you will also learn about the Safe the Royal Project.

This is a breeding program for the "Royal Rat" or Gibnut. The name "Royal Rat" was given to it after Queen Elizabeth II was served Gibnut meat during her 1985 visit. Gibnut meat is a local delicacy in Belize. 

We also have the 100ft tower at the site. At the top of the tower, you are greeted by panoramic views of mountains, jungle and small towns in every direction. The view is truly breathtaking especially for watching sunsets or stargazing.
/ Hour
Bronze Package - This includes Ceremony and reception only. (Digital copies only)See print listing for the cost of printing. Silver Package - This includes getting ready, ceremony ... moreand reception. (Digital and Print Copies)

Gold Package - This includes getting ready, reception, photo shoot after reception. (Digital and print copies)

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