National Agriculture and Trade Show

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Type Of Event
National Fair
Start Date
Friday, 28 Apr, 2023
Entrance Fee
$5 Adults $2 Children $8 Parking

  • Fair
  • Street Food
  • Deals
  • Local Music
  • Rodeo Competition

About Event

Belize National Agriculture and Trade Show

The National Agriculture and Trade Show is one of Belize’s largest and most attended three-day educational and entertaining events. The goal of this annual event is to promote and educate the importance of agriculture to Belize’s economy and food security. It is held every year during the months of April and May at the National Agriculture Show Grounds, also known as “Show Grounds,” in Belmopan City, across from the Guanacaste National Park.

This event was previously known as the “Agriculture Show” and was first held on April 2 and 3 in the year of 1937. Subsequent years later, the idea of the National Agriculture Show was developed in 1962 established and the first National Agriculture Show was held in 1970 with a family-oriented setting for local farmers, businesses, and organizations to showcase and promote their products to the Belizean public.

Since then, many Belizeans and visitors attend the National Agriculture and Trade Show to enjoy the special deals, games, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Where is the National Agriculture and Tradeshow?

The National Agriculture and Trade Show will be at the Agriculture and Trade Showgrounds in Belmopan City.

What to do at the National Agriculture and Tradeshow?

The National Agriculture and Trade Show draws a large audience every year. Many businesses and organizations will be out there promoting their products and brand. There will be plenty of live entertainment and competitions for visitors to witness. A favorite for the families is the food and amusement rides.

What to bring to the National Agriculture and Tradeshow?

Things you should take to the Belize Agric and Trade show are:
  • cash
  • comfortable clothing
  • sunblock
  • comfortable footwear
Suitable for:
What to bring?
  • Sunblock
  • Cash
Contact Information
Contact Number:
Location Information
National Agriculture Show Grounds
Belmopan City, Cayo District, Belize
Is Transportation provided?:
Transport Info.
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4. Private Vehicle
5. Hitch-hiking

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Public Transportation (Buses): a. On the mainland, buses can take you anywhere along the highways. Getting on a bus would require you to go to the town’s bus terminals or wait at the road side of a main road. If you are staying north of the country (Corozal or Orange Walk), you would have to take a first bus to Belize City, then take a connecting bus from Belize City to Belmopan City. If you are in western Belize (Benque Viejo del Carmen, Succutz, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town, or other nearby villages) you would need to take a bus to Belmopan. Those living south of the country (Dangriga, Hopkins, Punta Gorda or other nearby locations) take a bus to Belize City then a connecting bus from Belize City to Belmopan. Bus fares depend on where you are taking the bus and where you are stopping and whether if it is a regular bus or an express bus (non-stop). It should range from $2 BZD to 12 BZD. b. If you are staying at one of the islands, there are water taxis available that travel to and from Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Corozal. Water taxis should take you from the island to Belize City. Fares usually depend on which island you are at and whether if it is a one-way or roundtrip ticket. Upon arrival at Belize City, you can take a taxi (recommended) or walk to the bus terminal and get on a bus to Belmopan City. 2. Taxi: a. If you are staying in Belmopan City or somewhere near Belmopan City, you can take a taxi to the National Trade and Show Grounds compound. Taxi fare would be from $7 BZD to $15 BZD. b. If you are somewhere further than that, taking a bus is recommended because it would be quite costly to take a taxi to Belmopan City from areas like San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town or Belize City. This can cost around $50 BZD to $200 BZD. 3. Rentals/Charters/Shuttles: a. If you would like to drive or be driven down to Belmopan City, you can rent a vehicle (make sure you have a valid driver’s license) or request a charter or shuttle to transport you to Belmopan City. Arranging this option is easy, has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) (Rentals/Charters) 4. Private Vehicle: a. If you own a vehicle or has access to a private vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you can drive to Belmopan City. 5. Hitch-hiking: a. When all else fails, and you really want to make it to the event, you can stand at the roadside of a highway and catch a ride with someone who’s going to the direction of Belmopan City. For safety reasons, this is not 100% recommended. The National Agriculture and Trade Show is a three-day event; so, if you missed the bus or can’t find a way to make it the first, or second day, you can always make it the following day.
This is a casual event. Keep in mind that the weather might be warm and sunny.
Whats Nearby
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Type of Attraction:
Belmopan is the capital city of Belize. Although the smallest capital city in the continental Americas by population, Belmopan is the third-largest settlement in Belize, behind Belize ... moreCity and San Ignacio. Founded as a planned community in 1970, Belmopan is one of the newest national capital cities in the world. Since 2000 Belmopan has been one of two settlements in Belize to hold official city status, along with Belize City.

Belmopan is located in Cayo District at an altitude of 76 metres above sea level. Belmopan was constructed just to the east of the Belize River, 80 km inland from the former capital, the port of Belize City, after that city's near destruction by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. The government was moved to Belmopan in 1970. Its National Assembly Building is designed to resemble a Pre-Columbian Maya temple. (Wikipedia)
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Phone Service, Restaurants, Parking, Car Rentals, ATM services, Banks, Sports Bars, Night Clubs, Public Parks, Market, Coffee Shops
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Belmopan City
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