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MOHW Implements New Isolation Timeline

By 1/5/2022

Since the Ministry of Health & Wellness (MOHW) announced the epidemiological identification of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Belize, the ministry has updated its national guidelines on the isolation period for COVID positive persons in accordance with the World Health Organization and other globally recommended practices.

The isolation period for persons who test positive has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days for the public, and from 10 days to seven days for healthcare workers and other essential workers, starting from the screening date on which the person tested positive.

This will only apply for the following:
- Individuals who are asymptomatic
- Individuals having passed three consecutive days having no symptoms
- Individuals who do not need to be on specific recovery medication (i.e. fever medication)

Persons who test positive and continue to have moderate to severe symptoms after the newly implemented isolation period will need an extension of isolation time, to be determined by a medical officer.

Individuals who may require additional tests for clearance can access rapid tests on days seven and 10 at no additional cost.

These new measures have been taken to minimize essential time loss in those who are asymptomatic or experiencing a mild form of the disease. The public, specifically employers, managers and supervisors, are advised that only a medical officer may determine isolation periods for individual positive cases.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness continues to encourage persons to follow all preventive public health and social measures to reduce spread to those most at risk.


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Ministry of Health & Wellness

My daughter and her boyfriend tested negative for Covid on January 7. They went down to our house in San Pedro. Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th my daughter wasn't feeling 100% had a bit of a cough and sore throat, felt a little achy. Thought it was from travel fatigue and sleeping in the a/c. On Friday January 14th, my husband tested positive on a Pcr test to return home. They are all currently quarantining. ... more They've been told they can leave on 23 as long as they are symptom free. They are all going to get tested on January 26th with a PcR test for return travel. My question for you is - since they could test positive for up to 180 days after infection with a PcR test, can my daughter assume they she contracted it and had symptoms from January 10? And leave isolation? Or must she do another 10 days of isolation after the 26? The testing agent said as long as my husband was symptom free after 10 days he could leave quarantine. She also said there was no point in testing my daughter after my husband tested positive, but without that test how can we determine when she is allowed to leave quarantine? All are fully vaccinated, and have had booster shots. Her boyfriend has not had any symptoms. Please advise. Nancy Lindley