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A Milestone Celebration: The Belize Zoo Unveils Innovation Interactive Map

By 3/5/2024

A Milestone Celebration: The Belize Zoo Unveils Innovative Interactive Map

The Belize Zoo's Interactive Map launch was a momentous occasion, celebrated on World Wildlife Day 2024, on March 3, 2024. Invited guests and zoo attendees witnessed the unveiling of a project that promises to revolutionize the visitor experience and enhance educational outreach.

Celebratory Launch with Distinguished Attendees

The event was graced by esteemed guests such as Ms. Victoria Chi, Wildlife Officer at the Belize Forest Department, who contributed their insights and support to the project. Their presence underscored the community's collective commitment to wildlife conservation and technological innovation.

Forestry Department

Event Highlights and Interactive Demonstrations

The day kicked off with heartfelt words from The Belize Zoo's Director, Celso Poot, who shared the importance of World Wildlife Day, insights into the map's development, and its anticipated impact on the visitor experience. Following this, the Belize Forest Department highlighted the importance of digital tools in promoting conservation and enhancing public education; and, also presented The Belize Zoo with an award for their contributions to wildlife conservation in Belize. A highlight of the ceremony was the vine cutting and signage reveal, a symbolic act that officially launched the interactive map. This momentous occasion was captured in photographs and videos, immortalizing the collaborative spirit of all the partners involved. The live demonstration of the Interactive Map was a focal point, showcasing its dynamic features, including real-time updates and interactive educational content. Attendees were treated to a firsthand experience of the map, exploring its potential to transform how visitors connect with the Belize Zoo's wildlife.

Vine Cutting

Community Impressions and Future Outlook

The launch of The Belize Zoo's Interactive Map is more than just an introduction of a new digital tool; it's a step forward in the zoo's journey towards integrating technology with conservation and education. The success of this event reflects the collective efforts of everyone involved, from the zoo staff to the technology partners and the supportive community. As we move forward, The Belize Zoo remains committed to enhancing visitor experiences and promoting wildlife conservation. The Interactive Map is just the beginning of this exciting new chapter.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of the launch. The Belize Zoo looks forward to welcoming visitors to explore the interactive map and discover the wonders of wildlife in a new and engaging way.

Using Map

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