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Updated Covid-19 Regulations

By 1/29/2021

January 29, 2021. The Minister of Health and Wellness, Hon. Michel Chebat, along with Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries, Hon. Kareem Musa, held a press conference to announce and discuss the lifting and changes of certain COVID-19 regulations that were put in place.

The updated regulations will be effective as of February 1, 2021. They are as follows:
  1. Lifting of the current inter-district travel restriction for Corozal and Orange Walk districts. This lift will be revisited if necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Curfew has been readjusted and is now from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM for adults. The curfew for minors remains the same from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  3. Gymnasiums are allowed to open with not more than 50% capacity per hour and must operate by appointments only. The gyms must have proper ventilation, mandatory cleaning after use of each machine, and ensure proper loggin and temperature monitoring of users.
  4. Churches are allowed to have service with up to 50% capacity. Services should not exceed one hour.
  5. Food vendors are allowed to operate in public spaces and must comply with health and COVID-19 protocols, including having markers to indicate six feet physical distancing.
The Ministry of Health and Wellness urges the public to continue practicing the health and safety measures, such as wearing a face mask properly in public places, maintaining physical distance from others, avoiding social gathers, and constantly washing and sanitizing your hands, in order to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Required for RETURN to the USA
Required by the US Government. Testing service for compliance with CDC travel requirements. The Belize Ministry of Health has approved testing for travelers through private facilities ... moreand mobile testing units. Our preferred provider is Belize Diagnostic Center, the leader in Covid-19 testing services in Belize with locations available countrywide. Book Now to save your spot.

Update: As of June 12, 2022, some US-bound air travelers may no longer need a test. An official announcement from the CDC is expected soon.
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Get tested before your departure date to avoid delays at the airport. Keep your results handy and be prepared to show them when required at the airport. This testing requirement applies to all air passengers, 2 years of age or older, traveling into the US, including US citizens and legal permanent residents.

To reduce the introduction and spread of new variants of SARS-CoV-2, CDC issued an Order effective January 26, 2021. It requires all air passengers arriving in the US from a foreign country to get tested for COVID-19 infection no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result OR documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight.
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Ali Wunderman
Ali Wunderman joins us in the studio for a conversation about the new Belize covid-19 travel restrictions and her experience traveling back to Belize for the first time during the ... morepandemic. We discuss the new travel protocols and her experience arriving in Belize and visiting different areas of the country. With travel to Belize now fully reopened, including the return of cruise tourism in July 2021, there are some updated protocols and procedures that travelers should be aware of. Ali walks us through her experience and explains why traveling to Belize is as easy as 1-2-3.
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Ali Wunderman

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Hello, I have a group coming from the US. Two travelers ( husband and wife) do NOT have cell phones that will download apps. What do they do about the health app? Thank you
Shelley E
If you read the full instructions it states that persons who do not have cell phones are allowed entry in Belize. The app is encouraged only and it states it often does not function properly.
Hello, my name is Charles M. Ollinger, I own a property in san pedro, ambergris caye. I wish to travel to san pedro within the next couple of weeks, I have had covid with in the last 60 days, I am recovered, I have not tested since my recovery for the health department in my city here in the United States, Erie, Pennsylvania, tells me you can test positive for up to 90 days after your initial positive ... more test even if you have recovered as you will still have the covid protein in your body, and you are way past your infection date, and you are recovered. They also say you are not contagious and cannot spread the virus. Below I have highlighted in yellow what the United States policy is as far as entry into our country, it states if you have documentation of a dated positive test result, along with a letter from your health care provider that you have been treated and not infectious and cleared for travel you can enter the United States. My question is does the Belizean government accept this documentation as well, and will this be enough to for me to enter Belize upon my arrival at the BZE airport. I thank you for your consideration in this matter, would you respond to this email, as I would like to return to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in the near future. Sincerely Charles M. Ollinger Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States Updated Feb. 4, 2021 Print On This Page • General FAQ • Passengers FAQ • Aircraft Operators/Airlines/Crew FAQ If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than 3 days before you travel by air into the United States (US) and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight, or be prepared to show documentation of recovery (proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel). On January 12, 2021, CDC announced an Order requiring all air passengers arriving to the US from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to present the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. Air passengers will also be required to confirm that the information they present is true in the form of an attestation. This Order is effective as of 12:01am EST (5:01am GMT) on January 26, 2021.
Chuck O
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