Belizing Tourism Innovation Lab

The next technology innovation in the Belize tourism industry through the amalgamation of digital services, strategic industry alliances, and data sharing agreements in the effort to rebuild the Belize tourism industry through workforce capacity building. The centerpiece of our project is a technology component that will incorporate artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time insights to tourism industry stakeholders that will inform capacity building needs, digital curriculum development, and business logistics planning.

Our Mission

Transform the tourism industry of Belize by facilitating the adoption of technology and enhancing digital skills of tourism employees through an open online learning platform.

Overall Impact

  • The project will foster an environment of unified collaboration across the industry and beyond tourism that will result in more jobs, more revenue, and a revitalized and thriving economy in Belize;
  • It will empower the workforce with updated skills, knowledge, and know-how to compete in the job market or develop marketable services for the tourism marketplace;
  • And lower the barrier to entry, providing equal access to all stakeholders including underrepresented groups. 

Executing Agency

LetsGoBelizing Ltd., in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, is leading this initiative with an estimated budget of 2 million BZD (IDB).