2018 National Agriculture and Trade Show

2018 National Agriculture and Trade Show
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Wednesday, 2 May, 2018
Belizing Adventures
On Saturday, April 28, the Belizing team set out to the capital of the nation, Belmopan City, to capture this year’s National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS), or as locals call it, “agric.” A fun-filled day at one of Belize’s most popular annual events.
On Saturday, Derrick, Nico, and I met up at the bus stop at the entrance of Belmopan. Having not seen them for a while, we exchanged hugs and hellos. Excited to start our trip that morning, we walked towards the entrance where the collection booth was. It was a little before 9:00 a.m. and the line had at least twelve people ahead of us. Finally getting to the front of the line, we paid our entrance fee of $5.00 BZD and received our admission bands. 

We started to walk down the first section on our left. There were stalls set up by many local organizations and business groups that were promoting their brand and selling their products. It was quite cool when we first arrived due to the rain the night before. Since the ground was a bit muddy, we had to watch where we were stepping to avoid walking into mud puddles.

We decided to scout out the place first before going live on social media, as we had planned earlier in the week. When we covered the entire area, we made our way back to the entrance to start our livestream on Facebook and Instagram. Hosting a livestream wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Nico and I had to switch turns to host when our arms got tired of holding the phone or didn’t have any interesting commentary to make. Props to all the vloggers and video makers!

By this time, the sun was already beaming out of the clouds and the atmosphere started to get warmer. We were hoping that weather stayed cool for the rest of the day; but, that wasn’t the case. That didn’t stopped us from Belizing, though. We continued our way down every section there was at the Show Grounds. Every corner that we looked, there were great deals on everyday and occasional products. Everyone was piling up at each stand hoping to get their hands on their favorite products. Cellphones were a hot commodity! Every cellular company, like Digicell & Smart, had a booth with cellphones for a bargain. There were also other organizations and businesses that had a booth too, such as the U.S. Embassy, church groups, Galen University, Cave Expeditions and several radio stations.

After passing the booths that were having sales, we entered to the carnival area filled with mechanical rides and fair food. Hot dogs, Mexican tacos, burgers, chili cheese fries, and, one of my favorites, corn on a cob. I couldn’t resist on getting a corn on a cob. This delicacy is a freshly boiled corn, brushed with a thin layer of mayonnaise and coated with a rich layer of Edam “dutch” cheese. Yum!

Although it was super warm, we walked through the entire Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds about three or four times. Around the second time, we entered the cattle and horse petting area. There were special breeds of bulls, horses and cows. There was one stable that held a mommy cow and her two calves. The person that was manning the stables told us that we shouldn’t get too close to the fence because the mommy cow is really protective of her calves. He also mentioned that the two calves weren’t her own. She raised both of them and so she’s very protective.

When Nico and I got a bit closer to the gate to take a few pictures, albeit what we were told. The mommy cow dashed towards the gate and scared the both of us. The person manning the stables laughed at our horrified reactions and told us not to worry because she won’t come out the gate. Relieved, we took caution the next time while taking our pictures.

By this time, it was around 11:30 a.m. and we had gotten hungry from all the walking. We decided to walk over to the food stalls and have some delicious barbeque. After satisfying our stomachs, we got back to walking the compound and taking pictures.

Later in the day, I met with Maria and we, too, walked around the location. This was my fifth time scoping out the area. Although it was hot and I was already a bit exhausted from the morning, it was good exercise. I was hoping that I could gain a little more height by stretching my legs for a long period of time.

Maria and I met with her family and we went to the carnival rides. We took Maria’s little cousins on the rides. They looked so adorable sitting in the little car and train rides, having the time of their lives. Maria and I even decided to go on a ride called the “tornado.” This ride took the last ounce of my energy. It spun, shook, and dashed our bodies up, down and side to side while we were fastened to our seats.

Coming off the ride, we were both done with the day and were ready to go home. It was surely a great day for the Belizing team to go to the 2018 National Agriculture and Trade Show. We got to take a lot of pictures and interact with those who attended. If you didn’t attend this year, you should definitely put the 2019 Agric Show on your bucket list. There’s the Guanacaste National Park right around the corner, so you can continue to go Belizing. If you can’t wait to go Belizing, there are tons of tours, activities and recommendations on belizing.com. Browse through our site and find what is suitable for you and start Belizing today!

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