Laughing Bird Caye

Type of Destination
Caye (Island)
Caye (Island)

  • Palm Trees & The Beach
  • Marine Life, Coral Reef, Diving & Snorkeling

About Location
Just off the coast of Placencia Village, Laughing Bird Caye is a must see! This beautiful island is perfect for aquatic adventures or relaxation. It is one of the premiere protected areas within the World Heritage Site. Laughing Bird Caye is named after the Laughing Gulls due to an abundance in Laughing Gull breeding on the island. Frequent human interaction drove the birds to other derserted islands. Although you can't do a lot of bird watching here, you kick back and relax on the beach or take a dip in to the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Sounds like paradise! This unique island structure also contributes the exotic marine life and coral habitats in the area.
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This tour is a snorkeling and Fishing Combination tour We visit a minimum of 3 islands in one day, where guests get to snorkel at each island ( optional)... more
While moving from one island to another, we do some fishing ( trolling, bottom fishing or spin casting)
This tour departs at 9 am and returns at about 3 pm
Island Hopping tours are private charters, so it's just your group on board, along with the guides, captain and cook
Minimum of 3 people

Island Options are
- Silk Caye
- Laughing Bird
- Moho Caye
- Ray Caye
- Lark Caye
- Abigail Caye
-Scipio Caye
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Laughing Bird Caye is a National Park and World Heritage Site. It has a long and narrow island known for its abundance in marine life and corals. What makes this destination special ... moreis that it stands in a faro. Faros is angular atolls which enclose Central Lagoons. The Laughing Bird Caye offers diverse sites to explore such as the "Coral Garden", the "Laughing Bird Drop Off", "Laughing Bird North", "Laughing Bird South", the "Wreck" and lastly, "Long Coco Split"; making it a great choice to snorkel, scuba dive or even beach come!
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Usually, our tours start from 9 pm roughly to 3 pm, giving you a little extra time so that you really enjoy yourself. We always take time in considering your needs and try to make ... moreyou fulfill your wishes. We will go snorkeling roughly to an hour depending on your age range, have lunch then after, a little walk on the island and chill in a hammock. We can also do a second snorkel if you want to if not, we decide to head back sailing-in nice and slow with the Caribbean breeze!
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