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Private Heaven is located on Lark Caye, an island 6 miles off Placencia in the Caribbean Sea. Right in front of the house a breathtaking coral reef, perfect for snorkeling or taking the kayaks. On the backside a beautiful lagoon. The eco-lodge is powered with solar (+ backup generator), AC in both bedrooms, TV with Netflix, Wii console, hot water, well equipped kitchen, BBQ, 2 King Size beds, huge bathroom & shower, ocean deck, Wifi, USB-outlets, HQ Bluetooth speaker, hammocks.

Everything is set up as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible: the eco-lodge is powered by 12 huge solar panels and 24 deep cycle solar batteries.

The 35 feet front side of the eco lodge offers a panorama view to the Caribbean Sea with a breathtaking coral reef just a few steps into the water. The coral reef is very special as it is located only in shallow water, absolutely perfect for snorkeling.
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Beach View, Offshore Island, Private Island
Fishing, Snorkeling, Swimming
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