Tikal Maya Site

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Mayan Ruins and Archaeological Sites
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Ruins Exploration
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San Ignacio Town
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Archaeological Reserve, Nature Trails
When in the area, visiting Tikal is a “must-do” because of its importance, beauty, and transcendence. Once a powerful seat of the Mayan empire, Tikal is now the most famous cultural and natural preserve and archeological site in Guatemala and one of the most-visited sets of Mayan ruins in all of Latin America. It is the largest excavated site on the American continent containing some of the most fascinating archeological remains of the ancient Maya civilization. Here, you will be amazed to see how the Maya civilization built inspiring temples and cities that formed a complex of religious, social, and political power; revealing a culture of an ancient civilization that is still practiced amongst the Mayas in Guatemala today, with the exception of bloodletting rituals or human sacrifices. Tikal is estimated to have over 3,000 structures including palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, plazas, causeways, and reservoirs. The great plaza comprises several temples; Temple I is 150 ft. high, temple II is 120 ft. high, and the double-headed serpent (temple IV) is the tallest structure in Tikal at 212 ft. high. Due to the importance and magnificent combination of natural and archaeological remains, it was declared a heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Experience the wildlife and jungle surrounding the temples, and witness the howler monkeys and their powerful howl while they keep watch over their home. This personal encounter with the lost world shall be a truly unforgettable experience.
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  • Entrance fee & Tour Guide
  • Water, lunch & snacks
  • Transportation from San Ignacio
  • Free hotel pick up when staying in town
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  • Passport
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Appropriate footwear for hiking
  • Camera
  • Mosquito Repellent
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  • Guatemala entry fee
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Air conditioned mini vans
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Daily7:30 AM8 hrs
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Belize Caving Expeditions is a local, Belizean owned Tour operator focused on providing the finest quality experience to our visitors. We are experts in Belize travel and adventure ... moretours; also venturing into neighboring Guatemala to visit the famous Tikal Maya site. Our team of friendly, local Belizean guides have been leading tours into the Belizean rainforest for years and are proficient in archeology, caving expedition, jungle trekking, and canoeing. We offer a wide range of tour activities to popular sites such as Caracol, Barton Creek, Crystal Cave, and our specialty tour - the world-renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave.
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A bit communication gap but wonderful service
First of all Disclaimer, the trip had some great part but also some surprises. And none of the surprises were within this service provider’s control so I will leave them to the end as suggested preps. The service provider was very honest and upfront with all the services and expenses during my inquiry period. Though there was some slight confusion on pick up location and prices but we did have it ... more all reaolved through very timely responses. The drivers from both sides of the border are professional. The guide was phenomenal in time management, knowledge to the nature and history as well as guaging the group’s energy level for breaks and refuels. Now a few tips on communication and trust: during the border crossing it was pretty chaotic with the crowd and the line. Make sure you send only one trusted member of the group to go to the “fee payment line” while the rest of the group hold spots in the actual immigration single file. This can be a very long line so the more time you can shave off here the sooner you get to the attraction. Next, after crossing the Belizean border, you will be asked to surrender your passport by the driver/guide two separate time: once at the Guatemala immigration station and then once at the National park entrance. This wasnt clearly communicated to our group beforehand and we were feeling a bit uneasy separated from our passports. Lastly on money- the lesson we learned is that have enough USD in small changes like $1, $5 and $10 bill with you if you are only visiting a day and dont need a load of Guatemala currency with you. The reason is you will need them for tipping the guide, driver if you chose to, and also to tip your servers at the restaurante where the lunch takes place. The hike and oyramid climbs can also be quite a workout that you might exhaust your water before you are done. So some small change will come in handy to buy bottle water at concession stands in the park.