Tikal Tour From The Border

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Mayan Ruins and Archaeological Sites
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Ruins Exploration
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San Ignacio Town
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Carlos C
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Archaeological Reserve
Visit one of the largest and most important Mayan places in Central America.

The driver of Tikal Go will pass by you to your hotel in San Ignacio and will take you to the border with Guatemala.

He will explain all the procedures to cross the border and on the other side, your Guide of Tikal Go will be waiting for you to start the tour.

Don’t worry about long queues at the entrance to Tikal, we take care that you don’t have to get off the car and we’ll buy the tickets in advance for you.

Once we are in the Park, let your imagination fly
Enter a mysterious world where there are more than 3000 structures and only 30% of them are discovered.

We’ll tell you how the Mayans lived as meanwhile, we pass through the Palaces of the Mayan Aristocracy, and teach you what their values were, their structure, and their religion.

After a great hike, we will arrive at Central Park where you’ll get to know the spectacular Pyramid symbol of Guatemala: The Grand Jaguar.

We will climb the Temple of the Masks: The Temple 2.

After that, we’ll continue our journey in El Mundo Perdido to understand where the City started and the calculation accuracy of the ancient civilization.

But it does not end here!!! We’ll finish the tour climbing one of the highest pyramids in the world: Temple IV, with a height of 64 meters, which has been used as a stage for several films, one of them the first Star Wars movie of 1977, as well as the eleventh James Bond movie of 1979.

After 3 to 4 hours of tour, we’ll delight in typical Guatemalan food in the best restaurant in the Park.

In conclusion, discover the history of the Mayans and delve into their culture where science, mathematics, wars, arranged marriages between families, religious sacrifices, and their impressive capacity to build make us understand how this civilization was one of the most important in the history of mankind.
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  • Transport + Guide + Park Tickets + Lunch + Beverages + One of the best experiences of your life 😁
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  • Passport + Comfortable shoes + Medicines you might need + Sun block + Insect repellent + A lot of energy 😝
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Tikal Tour7:30 AM8 hours
Premier Provider
Tikal Go is an innovative and dynamic tour operator specialized in unique tours into the Mayan route and especially in the ancient Tikal national park.... more

We believe that to have the best experience clients must feel like part of our culture, that’s why we love to see our customers as friends and we want them to have the real Mayan experiences by feeling, breathing and living our country.

Come to Guatemala, we are going to take you to the Mayan World, we do have the best standards of transportation and the best guides, comfortable and luxury accommodations.

Travel with us we will take you to the Mayan World…
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