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Crystal cave is one of the largest cave systems in Belize located within the Blue Hole National Park. This cave system has huge caverns that are adorned with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, rock columns, crystalline formations, and Mayan artifacts. Crystal Cave, also known as Mountain Cow Cave, is considered to be one of the top crystal caves in the world. The trek through the jungle path leading to the cave entrance will be through a portion of Belize’s vast Broad Leaf Forest. The hiking is considered moderate with some small slopes and generally takes approximately 50 minutes.

The excitement begins at the cave entrance where you start your journey into “Xibalba,” or The Underworld, by tactically navigating columns and crystalline formations through a narrow, and at the times-steeply descending pathway. Once inside the main cave, you will find yourself surrounded by an amazing crystal cave that was used by ancient Maya shamans (priests) for ritual ceremonies performed thousands of years ago.

Fire pits, exposing the ashes of ancient fires; charcoal pieces; beads; obsidian knives; ceramics & broken pottery; a human skeleton calcified in the limestone floor: all evidence of the flourishing ancient Maya civilization. Spectacular crystal formations cover the floors, walls, and ceiling–all calcite, creating a striking display. These formations, created centuries before, are nothing if not astounding.

Note that you must be relatively fit for strenuous activities and be prepared for a long hike to do this tour.
Most tours include transportation, licensed guide, entrance fees, and lunch. Check with your tour provider for details.
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Join us on a mesmerizing adventure through Belize's Crystal Cave. View the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites in this mysterious cavern. ... more

Zipline 3 zipline and traverse cross the jungle And 1 across from hilltop to hilltop.

Short Nature Hike

Rappel into a dry cave filled Mayan History and artifacts.

Walk over a suspended bridge.

Cliff Rappel

River Side Nature Hike

Cave tubing

Cave Exploration

River float inside the cave.

Open River float.
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San Ignacio Town
Are you ready to take on the challenge? Are you prepared to do something out of your comfort zone? A place where only the adventurous at heart decide to venture; Crystal Cave also ... moreknown as Mountain Cow allows you to experience what real caving is about.

Crystal Cave is the entrance to the mystical and most sacred area in Maya pantheon. This adventure starts with a rigorous hike through the lush tropical forest and a rugged limestone landscape. Crystal cave is one of the largest cave systems in Belize located within the Blue Hole National Park. This cave system has huge caverns that are adorned with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, flowstones, rock columns, crystalline formation, and Mayan artifacts. As we explore throughout the cave, we witness evidence of rituals and ceremonies that took place over a thousand years ago like potteries, beads, obsidian blades, fire pits, charcoal ash and evidence of human remains are calcified in the limestone floor. Each step you take goes back further in time to when Shamans and Priest journeyed into the portal to the underworld which they called Xibalba.
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San Ignacio Town
Looking for an active adventure in Belize? Explore the underground Crystal Cave, located inside Blue Hole National Pak. An experienced guide will take you on a hike through the beautiful ... moretropical rainforest and into the limestone cave. Inside, you will see chambers filled with ancient Mayan artifacts such as pottery, beads, and obsidian tools. In addition to impressive rock columns, stalactites, and stalagmites, you will also see sparkling rock formations everywhere-especially in a section of the cave called The Wonderland. This is a challenging cave and is for those who love adventure- the guide will help lower you into the cave by rappelling with a rock if you wish to venture deeper into the cave. Reward yourself after this challenging adventure with a refreshing swim in the inland Blue Hole, which is a beautiful turquoise color.
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San Ignacio Town
If you are an extreme cave explorer, Crystal cave, also known as Mountain Cow cave, is an adventure you just can't miss during your trip to Belize! This tour is not for the faint of ... moreheart and all participants must be able-bodied and accompanied by a certified guide. This site is located in the Blue Hole National Park which is located 12 miles southeast of Belmopan on the right side of the Hummingbird Highway. 

Caves played a very important role in the ancient culture as the Mayas considered caves to be a supernatural realm where their deities and ancestors resided. Caves were the portal between the tangible human world and the invisible world of the gods, a place called Xibalba. It was here that the ancient Mayan Shamans performed their most sacred rituals and ceremonies and this was the underground domain of their gods.

A guided exploration into this very spectacular cave system begins with a rigorous 50-minute hike on uneven jungle rainforest terrain. Then prepare for a steep downward walk that takes you miles down to huge caverns full of dazzling crystalline rock formations, you'll follow the same footpaths the Maya Shamans and priests once traveled to reach these ceremonial chambers. The guided tour will have participants crawling through cracks and crevices beholding spectacular cave formations, learning about its history and geology, as well as viewing ancient Mayan pottery, beads, obsidian knives and even human skeletal remains that have been calcified in the limestone floor dating back 2,000 years. After a thrilling experience you the option of finishing off with a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the inland Blue Hole.
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San Ignacio Town
Crystal Cave Tour Locally known as the Mountain Cow Cave, this stunning, other-worldly Crystal Cave is located deep in the jungle, in the heart of the Blue Hole National Park, along ... morewith the scenic Hummingbird Highway. We leave San Ignacio in the morning and head towards Belmopan, we pass the capital city and proceed along the scenic Hummingbird Highway, crossing green mountains, passing fragrant orange orchards, pineapple plantations, and rainforest-draped valleys along the way. The Blue Hole National Park is a picturesque and easily accessible protected area managed by the Belize Audubon Society. 

After a 50 minute hike through the tropical forest, we reach the cave entrance, where we rappel 15 feet into the cavernous entrance to the cave. We will traverse through the large chambers of the cave, sliding down mud ramps and scrambling along rocks. This is a challenging descent into Xibalba, the Mayan realm of the underworld. Your guide will show you the shimmering formations in the cave, along with artifacts and the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims from the time of the ancient Maya. We will witness the remnants of the past as we discover centuries-old fire pits, wall carvings, pottery and other relics, as well as impressive crystal formations and stalactites and stalagmites.

This tour is physically demanding but well worth the effort as we walk in the footsteps of the Mayan ritual leaders and see the evidence of their ceremonies with our own eyes. After our cave exploration, you can take time to eat a hearty homemade lunch, enjoy a refreshing soft drink and swim in the vibrant waters of the Blue Hole, an inland cenote (a deep sinkhole which is filled with rain and spring water). Come to feel the thrill!
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