Daylight & Darknight Cave System

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Dark Night Cave and Adventures Ltd is a tour operation business that offers its guests a high adventure theme with a strong blend of the archeological significance of the area.
 We are located at mile 36 Western Highway in Franks Eddy Village, a few miles before Jaguar Paw Caves Branch. We opened a new cave system, which is a group of six caves from the twenty found on the property.
Indeed, we are a cave tubing company, but we offer much more than just cave tubing. Our tours boast a combination of hiking, cave explorations, and an abundance of Mayan artifacts (Archaeology) and the relaxing cave float.
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Only Cave Zip Line & Cave Tubing Tours in the World, we offer private Cave Exploration Tours, with an unbelievable Jungle experience. Choose Tiger Cave Zip Line Combo with optional ... moreIncline Rappel, finish with Darknight Cave Tubing a few feet from end of Zip Line. Includes three Lines in two Caves, two suspension bridges as part of the Tour. We also offer a Lost World Ceremonial Cave Exploration with Cave Tubing Tour, view ancient Mayan Artifacts from the Classic period 250-950 AD, in both Ceremonial Cave & Tiger Cave, finish with a refreshing float through Darknight Cave. You can also choose the Ultimate Jungle Adventure, our Tiger Cave Zip line, with Mayan Cave Explorations as well as finish with the refreshing tubing thrpough Private Darknight Cave
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