Annual Banana Festival

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Type Of Event
Start Date
Saturday, 25 May, 2024Annually
6/15/2019 - 6/16/2019

  • Everything Banana
  • Banana Costume Parade
  • Ms. Banana Belt Pageant
  • Live performances - Supa G, Sweet Pain Band, DJs
  • Fundraiser
  • Green Banana Recipe and Cooking Competition
  • Kiddies Corner
About Event

First Annual Banana Festival

The faculty and staff of San Juan Bosco Roman Catholic School decided to host Belize's first Annual Banana Festival in order to raise funds for a new building for the school. This also serves as a great opportunity to showcase the premier banana industry of Belize and other organizations and businesses such as Banana Growers Association, the Big Creek Group and Belagro.

2023 Annual Banana Festival

Details for the 2023 Belize Banana Festival are yet to be announced.

Why you should attend the First Annual Banana Festival

This event is the first festival of its kind to celebrate the successful banana industry in Southern Belize. It is also for a good cause - to build a new structure for the San Juan Bosco R.C. School. There will be live entertainment and games that are guaranteed to bring everyone attending a great time with family and friends.
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Outline of Event
Start Time
6/15/20199:00 AMMs. Banana Belt Pageant and a full day of activities, entertainment, food, and games.8 hrs
6/16/20199:00 AMFull day of activities, entertainment, food, and games.8 hrs
Contact Information
Location Information
San Juan Village Football Field
San Juan Village, Stann Creek, Belize
Stann Creek
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Private Vehicle: a. If you own a vehicle or has access to a private vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you can drive to the First Annual Banana Festival in San Juan Village. This is the easiest and most recommended option for transportation. 2. Aircraft: a. There are domestic flights to Southern Belize available via Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. To view the Maya Island Air flights schedule, visit To view the Tropic Air flights schedule, visit 3. Rentals/Charters/Shuttles: a. If you would like to drive or be driven directly to the First Annual Banana Festival, you can rent a vehicle (make sure you have a valid driver’s license) or request a charter or shuttle to transport you to San Juan Village. Arranging this option is easy, has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) (Rentals/Charters) 4. Public Transportation (Buses): a. On the mainland, buses can take you anywhere along the highways. Getting on a bus would require you to go to the town’s bus terminals or wait at the road side of a main road. Bus fares depend on where you are taking the bus and where you are stopping and whether if it is a regular bus or an express bus (non-stop). It should range from $2 BZD to $25 BZD. b. If you are staying at one of the islands, there are water taxis available that travel to and from Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Corozal. Water taxis should take you from the island to Belize City. Fares usually depend on which island you are at and whether if it is a one-way or round trip ticket. Upon arrival at Belize City, you can take a taxi (recommended) or walk to the bus terminal and get on a bus that would travel to Southern Belize. 5. Taxi: a. This option is quite costly if you are planning on taking a taxi cab to the First Annual Banana Festival. If you are staying in Southern Belize or somewhere close to the event, this option is recommended; however, taxi fares would depend on the distance traveled. 6. Hitch-hiking: a. When all else fails, and you really want to make it to the festival, you can stand at the roadside of a highway and catch a ride with someone who’s going to the direction of San Juan Village. For safety and other reasons, this is not 100% recommended.
No, this event is a cash-only event.
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