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Offering authentic, personalized Belizean tour services both on land and sea showcasing the wonders of this tiny Caribbean country.
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Unforgettable experience for the whole family!!!
We were referred to Oscar by our Airbnb host. I'm so glad I asked them for a referral because Oscar took us out on an unforgettable experience that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. We decided to spend a little more on a private tour because you get so much more that you can't get on a group tour. It was worth every penny. Since we had already spent a couple days on Caye Caulker, which is what ... more some of the tours include, Oscar personalized our trip to something knew. He took us to turtle island where we met and pet Lucy, the sea turtle. This was our son's favorite part of the entire trip. We also went to a beautiful island for a delicious meal. Oscar was professional, knowledgeable, and patient with our kids. Highly recommend him for families! We all agree our day out with Oscar was one of the highlights of our Belize trip! Thank you Oscar!