ACES Crocodile Sanctuary

Type of Attraction
Wildlife Sanctuary
Ambergris Caye
  • Wildlife
  • Crocodile

About Location
Located in Amergris Caye, ACES is a non-profit organization permitted by the Belize Forest Department and dedicated to the conservation of Belize's critical wetland habitats and protected species, specifically Crocodilians, through scientific research and education to preserve wildlife for future generations.
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Belize City
Looking for a day filled with a variety of adventures? Come meet George, a 14-foot crocodile that was relocated to this ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary), and has been ... morefeatured on “animal planet”. Take a horseback ride through the mangroves and forest trail to the sea coast. A short hike in the jungle and you will be interacting with the friendly black howler monkeys. The loudest animals on land!

Then who doesn’t love shrimp! Tour the only organic shrimp farm in Belize and even get the chance to cast your net and catch your lunch. The shrimps caught by the guest are prepared in 4 different styles for their indulgence.

departure time 8:30 am
from Belize City

Things to wear: bug spray, sun block, comfortable athletic clothes, and footwear.

**Price of the ferry from islands to tour starting point in Belize City can be a lot less if guests opt for us to purchase the ferry tickets for them.**
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