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Belize Implements Enhanced National Health & Safety Protocols for Tourism

By 6/19/2020

While travel remains on pause for the moment, Belize has been preparing to welcome international travelers back through the implementation of enhanced health and safety protocols. These new protocols will see changes related to the passenger arrival process, transportation in country, enhanced safety and sanitation measures at hotels and resorts across the country, introduction of a “Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program” for hotels and tour operators, limiting tours to smaller groups to ensure social distancing and ensure a more personalized experience, among others.

View the official list of Gold Standard approved Hotels

The 9-point Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program is focused on enhancing the hotel and restaurant cleaning practices, social interactions, workplace policies, and standard operating procedures, while ensuring minimal impact on the guest experience. The program also aims to guarantee that both tourism employees and travellers are confident in the cleanliness, health and safety of Belize's tourism products.

Some of these enhanced protocols include:

  1. Identification of a Gold Standard Program Manager to implement protocols and ensure complaince and act as the health liaison between the Ministry of Health, employees and guests.
  2. Implementation of Reporting and Monitoring processes to provide for daily health and temperature checks for guests and employees. This includes Registering and implementing the use of THIS (Tourism & Health Information System).
  3. Enforcing social distancing and the use of face masks while in public spaces.
  4. Enhanced room cleaning and increased sanitization of public spaces and high touch areas.
  5. Development of a Response Plan to handle sick employees or guests.
  6. Ensure clear and consistent communication with employees and guests regarding protocols.
  7. Installation of hand hygiene and sanitization stations across the property.
  8. Deployment of technology to provide for online check-in/out, contactless payment systems, and automated ordering/booking systems to reduce physical interactions.
  9. Training for all employees on the new protocols.  

As the country continues to prepare for re-opening, Belize wants to assure its citizens and visitors, that their health & safety is of highest priority.

Belize is a destination perfectly poised for post-COVID travel for a number of reasons including: familiarity (only English speaking country in Central America), only a short flight away from several major U.S airport hubs, a diverse tourism product (wake up in the jungle or watch the sunset from your condo on the beach in San Pedro), and is a destination which naturally adheres to social distancing (low population density). We’re excited to welcome you back to our shores, and we’re ensuring that when it’s safe to do so, you’ll be assured that Belize is a safe destination to unwind from the stress of the past few months!

Click here to view or download the “Tourism Health & Safety: Enhanced Hotel & Restaurant Guidelines in Response to Covid-19” for Belize Tourism.

When will Belize reopen for travel? Find out here.

Remember to stay updated on official information concerning COVID-19. Visit the Government of Belize Press Office website at www.pressoffice.bz; or the Facebook pages for the Ministry of Health, the Director of Health Services, and the Government of Belize Press Office; or call the Ministry of Health’s hotline at 0-800-MOH-CARE.

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Belize Tourism Board

Where can you find a list of the Gold Standard Accommodations? Interested in the Seven Seas Resort in Ambergris Caye.
Joseph J
Hi Joseph, you can find the official list of approved gold standard hotels at this link: https://belizing.com/Gold-Standard-Hotels/
Can tourists stay in Airbnb rentals if they book an entire place?
En E
For the initial phase of reopening, you may only stay at gold standard approved properties. The list has not yet been released. By January it may be possible that the bnb of your choice will be able to accommodate you. At this point we just don’t know. Always confirm with the property before booking your stay. Keep checking this website for the most up to date information.
We have been staying at a private home the past 12 years. Will we still be able to book a reservation at a private residence and stay on Ambergris Cate in January? We usually stay around 6 weeks.
Tom K
Tom, we’re hoping that by January this will be possible. At this point the situation is too fluid to say with any certainty. Keep checking this website for the most up to date information.