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Discover Yourself and Fall in Love with Belize - The Story of Ali Wunderman

Ali Wunderman 49 minutes

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Ali Wunderman is the author of Frommer's Guide to Belize. She is a freelance wildlife journalist, naturalist, and Belize travel expert. She first learned about Belize while on a kayaking tour in San Francisco and ended up visiting for her honeymoon. That first trip turned into a disaster of sorts, but also inspired her to become a travel and wildlife journalist. She then came back and spent some time in the jungle fighting poachers, and has been back many times since then. She has also published several articles about Belize and other destinations in publications such as Conde Nast, Forbes, TIME Magazine, and others. Tune in to this episode of The Belize Travelacast to hear Ali's story of self discovery in Belize and why she has fallen in love with Belize. Learn why Belize is her favorite destination and why she keeps coming back.

In this episode Ali and Javier discuss a number of topics related to travel to Belize. Ali is an expert on travel to Belize, having visited many times over the past few years. She has published many articles in high profile publications including Conde Nast, Forbes, TIME Magazine, and others. She tells us that her favorite food in Belize is the famous "fry jacks". Look for her upcoming guide book on where to find the best fry jacks in Belize (who knows, maybe she wasn't joking). We will be the first to buy a copy of that. While she's in San Ignacio, she enjoys her fry jacks at Pop's Restaurant, a popular breakfast spot in town. 

Ali tells us about how a disastrous first trip to Belize turned out to be an epiphany for her and the inspiration that she needed to start her travel and wildlife magazine, The Naturalist.

Ali travels all over the world but she tells us that her favorite places are Iceland and Belize, not for their differences but for their similarities in population size and passion for conservation. Belize has almost 60% of it's territory under some type of environmental protection. Tune in to hear Ali's story about fighting poachers in the Chiquibul forest reserve in Belize and what advice she has for travelers to Belize.

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by Ali Wunderman
Belize is a rising star. With all of the natural allure of Costa Rica, it adds to the mix towering ancient pyramids, superb scuba diving and snorkeling (along the world’s second-longest ... morecoral reef system), and a culture that’s warm and welcoming. Author Ali Wunderman has been covering the country for years and uses her expertise to help you craft the vacation of your dreams.

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Ali Wunderman

Ali Wunderman is a freelance journalist focusing on travel, wildlife and the environment, and outdoor adventure. Her work includes pieces for Time Magazine, Travel & Leisure, AFAR, Salon, Mic, Hemispheres, Backpacker, InStyle, USA Today, and VICE, and she authored the most recent edition of Frommer's Guidebook to Belize, as well as contributed to the upcoming Fodor's guidebook to Iceland. She has an educational background from U.C. Davis in food animal production and is always on the lookout for sensory inputs that deserve more share of the spotlight. In her spare time Ali fosters and trains dogs, all while snuggling up with her own two pups, Sophie and Vinny. Follow her travel (and dog) adventures on Instagram @aliwunderman.

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