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The Belize Travelcast is a new audio and video podcast series created by Let’s Go Belizing Ltd. (, a brand that is passionate about telling authentic stories, promoting sustainable tourism, and traveling in Belize. Each episode is an engaging conversation that delivers useful and authentic travel tips and experience as well as relevant updates on the Belize tourism industry and important issues affecting the environment, culture, and economy of Belize. 

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Host: Javier Gutierrez

Javier is a native Belizean from San Ignacio town in the Cayo District of Belize. Javier has extensive professional experience in tourism and broadcasting. He can often be seen hosting television shows and radio shows in Belize. He worked as a tour guide for 21 years and he co-wrote the official professional core training curriculum that all tour guides in Belize must pass before being licensed to take visitors on tours. He now trains tour guides and hospitality professionals throughout the country and loves to talk about all the wonders of Belize.

Belize Awaits: How Belize is Preparing for Post-COVID Tourism


Ted Tejada joins us remotely via telephone to discuss how Belize has fared during the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts to prepare for visitors after our borders are reopened. Ted is the president of the Belize Hotel Association and general manager of the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. In this episode, he gives us some insight into how the tourism industry in Belize was caught off guard, just as the rest of the world, but how the country then took decisive action to mitigate the spread. Belize now ranks 5th globally as one of the most prepared countries in the world to lift its COVID-19 lockdown measures. As of this recording, Belize had recorded 18 cases, with only 2 active cases remaining. While the borders, including the airport, are still closed, the country continues to make post-COVID preparations. Ted gives us some insight into some of the policies and procedures being developed by different organizations in Belize such as the Belize Hotel Association, National Institute of Culture and History, Belize Airport Authority, and the Belize Tourism Board. A collective effort is being made throughout the country to put protocols and policies in place, with a phased reopening being planned. Ted reaffirms that Belize is a destination worth waiting for, and he assures us that everything possible is being done to ensure the safety of guests when tourism gets back on track.

55 minutes

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