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Adventures in Southern Belize with Untame Belize

Rodwell Ferguson Jr 25 minutes

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This episode features Rodwell Ferguson Jr., owner of Untame Belize Tours and Transfers, and a board member of the Belize Tourism Board. In this episode, he dives into all his favorite activities and places to visit in Southern Belize.

From rock sliding down waterfalls to hiking the world's only jaguar reserve in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve, Rodwell lets us in on all the top activities he has done and what he recommends every traveler should try when visiting Belize. Through his company, Untame Belize, he can take intrepid travelers on these memorable experiences.

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Rodwell refers to the Southern part of Belize as the "bread and butter" of Belize, as it not only offers inland and island adventures from popular destinations like Hopkins and Placencia but it is also home to some of Belize's prime industries contributing to Belize's economy, including citrus and banana. It is also home to Belize's second largest port, Big Creek Port.

There's much to explore and discover in Southern Belize with Untame Belize. Their tours can range from zip lining through lush forest canopies to swimming with the sea turtles in the Caribbean Sea. Rodwell also mentions some of his favorite destinations in the south of Belize, including Davis Falls, the second largest waterfall in Belize, Red Bank, the largest gathering of scarlet macaws in Central America, and Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the worlds only jaguar reserve.

If you are looking for adventures in Belize, then Southern Belize is the place to go!

Let's go Belizing!
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Owned and operated by a local Belizean family, Davis Falls Inn is committing to giving every traveler an un-Belize-able experience.... more

Located in the village of Pomona at the base of the Maya Mountains in southern Belize, Davis Falls Inn is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Belize.

The Inn is located in the middle of a beautiful landscape where citrus orchards perfume the air and fresh breezes circulate through the on-site thatched roof restaurant. Nearby attractions include ancient Maya temples, zip lining through the jungle, or exploring the river by canoe or inner tube.

Davis Falls Inn is the perfect place for families, solo adventure travelers, groups, and church retreats. Every visitor is treated as a member of the family. The rooms are comfortable and charming with a full range of modern conveniences. And every guest is welcome to share a cold Belikin brew with us after a long day exploring the surrounding countryside.
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Here at Untame Belize our fleet of vehicles are modern, spacious, air-conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi.

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Whether you're visiting Belize for the first time or you have been living here all your life, Davis Falls is one of those places that is a must-see. Viewing it from a distance can ... moreleave you in Awe and its waters are both some of the most refreshing and clean in the world.

Second, only to Thousand-Foot Falls, Davis Falls is the second largest waterfall in Belize with a height of around 500 ft (120 meters). Davis Falls is located near Alta Vista Village in southern Belize and is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country. Davis Falls is located deep in the rainforest of southern Belize making it a great place to experience the natural beauty of Belize.

On this Adventure, we offer a tractor ride on a custom-built trailer through some of Belize's Orange Orchards and rainforest. Along the way, you will cross several rivers and streams and see a variety of vegetation and wildlife. After an hour and a half tractor ride, you will arrive at our property known as Misty Vale. From there, we begin an arduous one-mile hike through the rainforest before you arrive at Davis Falls.
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Monkey River Tour The Monkey River is a well-named watercourse in Belize’s southeastern Toledo District that has its outlet in the Caribbean Sea. ... more

The Monkey River tour begins in Monkey River Town, a coastal village located just a short distance from the Placencia Village. From there, participants will board a boat and head upstream to explore one of the most pristine and untouched areas of the country, home to mangrove swamps and verdant jungles teeming with wildlife.

During the journey, an experienced tour guide will provide information about the wide variety of different plants, birds, and animals in the area, including giant iguanas, toucans, manatees, crocodiles, and different plants used for medicinal purposes by the locals.

Once deep into the heart of the jungle, the boat will dock on the banks. Participants will enjoy a light hike through the foliage, learning more about the plants and animals until they reach an area inhabited by black howler monkeys. These animals are renowned for having one of the loudest calls in the animal kingdom, able to be heard more than four miles away.

Although black howler monkeys flourish in this part of Belize, their numbers are dwindling elsewhere in Central America, making this region an important conservation area for these unique animals. Black howler monkeys live in troops of around a dozen individuals dominated by an alpha male.

Despite their name, only the adult males are black in color. Juveniles of both genders and adult females have a whitish-golden fur color with red highlights. Black howler monkeys are vegetarian, consuming a diet of mostly leaves but also some fruit. They have prehensile tails that act as extra arms, helping them maintain a secure grip high up in the jungle canopy.

Black howler monkeys sleep or rest for up to 70% of the day. Because of the way their tails work with their arms and legs, walking on the ground is difficult for black howler monkeys. Normally, they spend their entire lives in the trees but do occasionally come down to the banks of the river to drink water.

After returning to the boat, participants will have a chance to enjoy a refreshing swim in the river to cool off from the heat. On the trip back to Monkey River Town, the tour will pass by several small villages where locals participating in daily tasks and fishing can be observed. Upon returning to Monkey River Town, participants will enjoy a delicious meal prepared onsite by a local family.
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Stretching from the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains down to wetlands and then the Caribbean Coast of southeastern Belize, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the ... morecountry’s most beautiful, unspoiled areas.

Measuring more than 150 square miles (400 square km) in size, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary has no roads, automobile traffic, or residences, making it the perfect place to see Belize’s nature at its finest.

Located approximately 30 minutes from Placencia and 15 minutes from Hopkins Village, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including approximately 200 jaguars. The reserve is home to the world’s only dedicated scientific and conservation program to help preserve these rare animals in their natural habitat. Indeed, the IUCN and World Wildlife Fund have declared that the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is performing vital work in protecting jaguars as well as four other big cat species indigenous to Belize.

Other attractions in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary include colorful insects, hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. The diverse landscape includes verdant hills, lush wetlands, and thick rainforests, making it an excellent place to see and explore nature.

The tour includes a brief orientation upon arrival, followed by a scenic hike along a well-marked trail. Participants will get to see fragrant flowers, exotic plants, colorful birds, and several different animal species, including potentially black howler monkeys, tapirs, gibnuts, and peccaries.

This tour also includes a stop at one of the amazingly beautiful waterfalls inside the reserve as well as the chance to enjoy a refreshing swim or a fun slide down one of the natural waterslides created by the falls. The tour can also include an inner tube trip down a section of the pristine South Stann Creek River and a delicious packed lunch.

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Rodwell Ferguson Jr

Rodwell Ferguson Jr is the owner and founder of Untame Belize, a popular tour company in Southern Belize offering Untamed adventure for intrepid travelers visiting Belize. He has over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry and is currently a Director of the Belize Tourism Board.

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