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Why Belize is Open for Business, Vacation, and Retirement

Daniel Gutierrez 38 minutes

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His Excellency, Daniel Gutierrez, the Belize ambassador to the United States of America, joins us in studio for a candid conversation about his role as ambassador and how his office in Washington D.C. serves to promote Belize as a place to vacation but also as a place to retire and invest. Daniel is the younger brother of Javier, our show host, and it was quite an honor to have him in studio with us. He told us about his journey in Belize first as a teacher and school administrator at the local Sacred Heart Junior College and then his work at Belize’s only oil company, Belize Natural Energy (BNE) where he sought to ensure that the company left a legacy that served to benefit the local communities for years to come. He discussed how he then worked in the office of the prime minister of Belize before being appointed as the ambassador to the US. He now resides in Washington D.C. with his family and carries the important mission of Belize to promote investment, represent our interests at the United Nations and Organization of American States, and ensure that Belize remains safe and open for business.

Daniel is particularly proud of his work as a teacher and school administrator in helping to build the local junior college which empowers the Belizean people through education. He also tells us about his work with the Belize Natural Energy charitable trust that left a significant footprint in the local communities in Belize. He tells us how he was inspired by a trip in Michigan and seeing how large companies left tangible benefits to the communities where they operated. The Belize Natural Energy company at its height was one of the largest contributors to taxes in Belize and continues to have an impact in Belize. 

Safety in Belize? The ambassador tells us that his best advice to travelers is to travel smart. He acknowledges that there are some safety issues in the certain areas of Belize, but also points out that it is no different than any large US city. He advises travelers, just as he does his daughter, to be aware of your surroundings and be smart about where you go and when you go. Belize is a very safe country and he points us out that crime rates have recently declines while he also sees crime rates in Washington D.C. continues to rise. The truth is that Belize is no different than most destinations around the world, and while we have crime, it’s a very safe place to visit.

He also works to ensure safety in Belize from different perspectives including ensuring that American banks continue to do business with us so that investors in Belize do not lose competitiveness and that their investments are kept safe. He also works on the ongoing Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute to ensure a peaceful resolution in that regard. He also works to support Belize citizens in the United States through consular services.

What’s his favorite food in Belize? Like most of our podcast guests, he looks forward to having fry jacks when he comes back home. In his words, “there would be something wrong with you if you don’t fall in love with fry jacks!”. 

His advice to first time visitors? Be ready to be mesmerized by the most enchanting country in the world. Maybe he’s a little biased, but he makes a good point and we’re glad to have him as the ambassador to the United States, promoting our country in the United States. Belize’s system of democratic participation predates the US independence. Belize has a deep history of freedom and democracy which resonates with our visitors. 

He encourages potential investors to come visit Belize and experience the culture to see if it is a good fit. His office has the resources to point you in the right direction and facilitate you to get the assistance needed to invest in Belize. 

Of all the things he looks forward to when he's home, he looks forward to having time to relax in his hammock at home on the hills of the Maya Mountains in Belize. For his guests, he takes them to visit the local Maya sites and to enjoy local cuisine. he prefers his hometown of San Ignacio, which recently made the list of one of the top places to retire in Belize. Belize is indeed a curious place, for business, vacation, and retirement. Invest in Belize, Vacation in Belize, or Retire in Belize. It is one of the most unique places in the world, and we welcome you to visit.

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Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez was born in San Ignacio Belize. He is a former teacher and school administrator at the Sacred Heart College Junior College in San Ignacio Belize, and is proud of empowering people through education. He now serves as Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States and resides in Washington D.C.

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