Bullet Tree Falls

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  • Mopan River
  • El Pilar

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Bullet Tree Falls is a village located in the Cayo District about five kilometers northwest from San Ignacio Town, along the Mopan River. Bullet Tree Falls hosts several lodges and a botanical gardens in the area. Over the years, the village has developed a small tourist economy facilitated by its location between San Ignacio and the El Pilar Maya archeological site.
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Aliana's is a vacation rental property located near San Ignacio, Cayo. Aliana's sits on a 50-acre farm and includes three private riverfront villas. ... more

Gold Standard Transportation is provided via Belize Ground Shuttle.
Relax on the banks of the Mopan river just outside your doorstep and enjoy bird watching or take a refreshing swim to cool off at your pleasure. We have canoes and floating tubes available. A popular guest activity is to float down the Mopan river from the village of Bullet Tree Falls. The float takes about two hours. You can spot monkeys and a variety of bird species along the river. We also have an outdoor grill and brick oven available for use by all guests.

Each unit includes air-conditioned bedrooms for your comfort. The property is filled with many tropical fruit trees that you can enjoy when in season, such as mangoes, breadfruit, plums, star fruit, and others. The property may be booked for private events subject to availability.
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There are a total of 9 resident species of parrots in Belize, with The Yellow-Headed Parrots already on the list of endangered species with an estimated 90% decline. ... more
We either had (my grandmother & neighbor) or still have a relative that keeps a parrot as a pet. The mural was not created to highlight that part of our culture, but to bring awareness to the species of parrots and its threats like habitat loss and poaching. Coexistence between wild birds and people is possible!

WHY BULLET TREE FALLS, CAYO: The village of Bullet Tree in the Cayo District was originally settled by loggers and chicleros. It was easy to select Jenny's Fast Food, a roadside restaurant as the new site after eating their salbutes (Mestizo dish: The fried corn dough topped with chicken, cabbage or lettuce, tomato, and jalapeño). While eating there you get to hear the sounds of parrots flying over and observe the numerous cyclists of the village.
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Our signature river tubing is very unique, relaxing and affordable. We here at Jem Travels & Tours take great pride in creating new activities to showcase Belize. This tour is ... moreonly done by us and is slowly becoming a major hit. It is great for large groups especially. This tour begins at Bullet Tree River, near Paslow Falls and ends at our private property, Green Acre. It is approximately 3-4 hours of tubing. We provide tubes and life jackets, transfers, and guides. We also have tube coolers, that is if you want to have a party on the river! But what makes this tour really unique is that you get to see locals hanging out near the banks of the river and you get to see wildlife in the open such as birds and iguanas. Once you get to Green Acre you have the choice of doing your own picnic or we can provide food for you at a small fee. Whatever you decide, you can hang out at Green Acre for extra time if you like.
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