Feathers in Danger

Sponsored by
Belize Bird Rescue
Pablo Cambranes

The new mural highlighting the story of Belize's parrots by @LocallyBelize serves as a spotlight on the wildlife crisis around the world and introduces us to the Belize Bird Rescue, heroes who are ensuring their survival!

There are a total of 9 resident species of parrots in Belize, with The Yellow-Headed Parrots already on the list of endangered species with an estimated 90% decline.
We either had (my grandmother & neighbor) or still have a relative that keeps a parrot as a pet. The mural was not created to highlight that part of our culture, but to bring awareness to the species of parrots and its threats like habitat loss and poaching. Coexistence between wild birds and people is possible!

WHY BULLET TREE FALLS, CAYO? The village of Bullet Tree in the Cayo District was originally settled by loggers and chicleros. It was easy to select Jenny's Fast Food, a roadside restaurant as the new site after eating their salbutes (Mestizo dish: The fried corn dough topped with chicken, cabbage or lettuce, tomato, and jalapeño). While eating there you get to hear the sounds of parrots flying over and observe the numerous cyclists of the village.
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