Cacao Festival in Belize - Punta Gorda, Toledo District

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Start Date
Wednesday, 24 May, 2023Annually
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Free! (some events are tickets)
5/24/2018 - 5/26/2018

  • Cacoa Products, Genuine Maya Chocolate, Maya Cocoa
  • Tours of the Cacao Farms
  • Live music, Drumming
  • Fun Competitions
  • Belize Cuisine, Barbecue, Belikin Beer
  • Belize and Maya Art
  • Dancing Lessons, Cultural Presentations, Chocolate-making Process Presentation, Commercial Exhibits
  • Nim Li Punit Archaeological Site

About Event

The Belize Chocolate Festival

Started in 2007 by a group of local cacao farmers and chocolate manufacturers, the Belize Chocolate Festival, or the Toledo Cacao Festival, in Southern Belize celebrates the Maya culture through traditional Maya Chocolate along with other chocolate-related products from local farmers and manufacturers. Belize’s Toledo District is world-renowned for having some of the finest quality cocoa in the international market.

The Belize Chocolate Festival was conceptualized for local cacao farmers and chocolate manufacturing businesses to showcase their premium cacao, cacao-products, chocolates and chocolate drinks. Since then, this Chocolate Festival has become popular to locals and travelers. Many would travel far and wide to be able to experience all things chocolate on this three-day event.

Along with consuming indulgent chocolate and chocolate products, this festival is also a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the Maya Culture through cultural presentations, dancing lessons, and traditional Maya chocolate-making demonstrations.

The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival

The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival is scheduled for May 24 to May 26, 2019. First night is the Wine and Chocolate tasting at Garbutts Marine & Fishing Lodge. May 25, 2019 is the Taste of Toledo Stree Fair at Front Street. The last day on May 26 is the grand finale at Nim Li Punit Archaeological Site.

Why should you attend the 2019 Cacao Festival in Belize?

The entire weekend will be filled with activities and entertainment. Each year the Chocolate Festival is filled with fun activities, cultural presentations and, of course, CHOCOLATE! Many travel to Punta Gorda to enjoy Chocolate Fest's educational and indulgent three-day event that features locally-produced cacao, chocolate products and chocolate-inspired dishes for a bargain.
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  • Your appetite!
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray
  • Cash
  • Tennis Shoes/Hiking Shoes
Nature Walk
Outline of Event
5/24/2018Wine and Chocolate at Garbutts Marine & Fishing Lodge
5/25/2018Taste of Toledo Street Fair at Front StreetFull Day
5/26/2018Grand Finale at Nim Li Punit Archaeological ReserveFull Day
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Punta Gorda Town
Punta Gorda Town, Toledo, Belize
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1. Private Vehicle: a. If you own a vehicle or has access to a private vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you can drive to the Chocolate Festival in Punta Gorda. This is the easiest and most recommended option for transportation. 2. Aircraft: a. There are domestic flights to Punta Gorda (PG) available via Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. With Maya Island Air, flights to PG are available through the Belize International Airport (BZE), Belize Municipal Airport (TZA), Savanna (INB), Dangriga (DGA), and Placencia (PLJ). If you would like to view the Maya Island Air flights schedule, visit With Tropic Air, flights to PG are available through the Belize International Airport (BZE), Belize Municipal Airport (TZA), Dangriga (DGA), and Placencia (PLJ). If you would like to view the Tropic Air flights schedule, visit 3. Rentals/Charters/Shuttles: a. If you would like to drive or be driven directly to the Chocolate Festival, you can rent a vehicle (make sure you have a valid driver’s license) or request a charter or shuttle to transport you to Punta Gorda Town. Arranging this option is easy, has a wide range of rental, charter and shuttle options to book today! See the options here: (Shuttles) (Rentals/Charters) 4. Public Transportation (Buses): a. On the mainland, buses can take you anywhere along the highways. Getting on a bus would require you to go to the town’s bus terminals or wait at a bus stop on the main road. If you are staying north of the country (Corozal or Orange Walk), you would have to take a bus to Belize City, (if you are residing in Belize City, then take a direct bus to Punta Gorda), then a connecting bus to Punta Gorda Town. If you are in western Belize (Benque Viejo del Carmen, Succotz, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town, or other nearby villages) you would need to take a bus to Belmopan City and a connecting bus to Punta Gorda Town. Those living south of the country (Dangriga, Hopkins, or other nearby locations) take a bus to Punta Gorda town. Bus fares depend on where you are taking the bus and where you are stopping and whether if it is a regular bus or an express bus (non-stop). It should range from $2 BZD to $25 BZD. b. If you are staying at one of the islands, there are water taxis available that travel to and from Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and Corozal. Water taxis should take you from the island to Belize City. Fares usually depend on which island you are at and whether if it is a one-way or round trip ticket. Upon arrival at Belize City, you can take a taxi (recommended) or walk to the bus terminal and get on a bus to Punta Gorda Town. 5. Taxi: a. This option is quite costly if you are planning on taking a taxi cab to the Chocolate Festival. If you are staying in Punta Gorda Town or somewhere near Punat Gorda Town, this option is recommended; however, taxi fares would depend on the distance traveled. 6. Hitch-hiking: a. When all else fails, and you really want to make it to the festival, you can stand at the roadside of a highway and catch a ride with someone who’s going to the direction of Punta Gorda Town. For safety and other reasons, this is not 100% recommended. The Chocolate Festival is a three-day event; so, if you missed the bus or can’t find a way to make it the first day or second day, you can always make it the following day.
Yes, tickets for the Chocolate Festival are available for purchase by the Toledo BTIA Chapter. The cost of these tickets are $60 BZD. The tickets include: 3 glasses of wine, rum bar, chocolate samples, door prize, & appetizers.
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Punta Gorda Town, locally known as "P.G.," is the capital of the Toledo District in the southern coast of Belize. It's tranquil atmosphere is perfect to enjoy the beautiful flora and ... morefauna of nature reserves and national parks. To add a bit of excitement you can sign up for cultural tours and experience the lifestyle of the indegenous Maya groups or Garifuna settlements.
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Phone Service, Restaurants, ATM services, Public Parks, Market
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The Chocolate Making Sessions at a living Mayan Museum offers you the BEST of Real Mayan Culture and its authenticity. Experience the traditional Mayan way of making chocolate from ... morebean to bar. Cacao Beans are grown by local farmers in Maya Center Village and are certified Organic.

Take a short walk to the cacao farm to learn about how cacao trees are cultivated. The trained farmer will give you a detailed explanation and process of how the beans are extracted from the pods and then fermented and finally dried and ready to be processed into chocolate. You will roast your own cacao beans on the clay griddle, just like how the Mayans did.

Making chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a lot of fun! The cacao beans being ground on the grinding stone gets magical as you witness your chocolate beginning to unfold. What is more exciting is that you get to eat your own chocolate! The tour is very educational and hands on. You have got to do it.
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Belize Maya Cultural Tours This Belize Maya Cultural tour allows participants to learn more about the people who built the legendary cities of Xunantunich, Tikal, Lamanai, Caracol, ... moreand Altun Ha that still tower over the Belizean landscape today.

Participants will travel to a traditional Maya village in southern Belize to meet the descendants of the ancient Maya. Participants will learn about Maya life, including making medicinal compounds from plants found in the jungle, food, musical instruments, textiles, and furniture.

Participants will then be instructed on how to prepare a traditional Maya meal, including grinding corn for making tortillas and tamales. A full lunch of traditional Maya food will be served, including hot chocolate made from beans grown in the village.

Other activities include learning how to weave baskets and bags from local reeds as well as hammocks. Participants will also learn how the Maya make musical instruments from bamboo.
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Belize Mayan Chocolate Tour You’ve probably enjoyed tasty chocolate treats your whole life without ever knowing where it came from. This tour is perfect for chocolate lovers as you’ll ... moreget to learn about the traditional Maya method of making chocolate, starting with the cocoa bean and continuing all the way to the finished chocolate bar.

This tour starts with learning how cocoa beans are extracted from the pods, fermented, dried, and then prepared for making chocolate. Participants will then be able to eat and enjoy their creations.

Note: All chocolate is grown by local farmers and is certified organic.
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