Community Baboon Sanctuary (Howler Monkey)

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Inland, Nature
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Belize City
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Marcia R
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Pick up guest/s at Fort Street Tourism Village
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Flora & Fauna, Nature Trails, Wildlife
  • Travel along the howler monkey trails.
  • Learn about the Flora and Fauna in the area.
  • Come in contact with different medicinal plants.
  • Local food
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Your friendly Smart Travel Belize Tour Guide will meet you at the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City. After your welcome, your guide will then make his way through Belize City. Expect to get a brief history about Belize as we make our way to the highway. Enjoy your 45-minute ride on the Phillip Goldson Highway where you will be given a wealth of information about each of the villages. Additionally, see how the locals past their time throughout the day.  Upon arriving at the Community Baboon Sanctuary, you will meet one of the local guides who will be conducting the howler monkey tour.
You will be taken along the howler monkey trails where you will be given a brief history of how the Community Baboon Sanctuary came into existence. You will also learn about the Flora and Fauna in the area. Come in contact with different medicinal plants and their benefits that were once used by the Mayas and the locals of today.  You will get a close encounter with the Howler Monkeys and hear their loud howl as if you are in the Jurassic Movie.  

From there you will make your way back towards Burrell Boom Village where you will make a small stop to do some birding at the Black Orchid Resort.  The Black Orchid Resort is the number 1 Resort in the Area and they boast approximately over 100 different species of Birds that visit the property.  They also have a Restaurant on the property if you would like to grab a bite or something to drink. You will then Head back to Belize City where your guide will take you back to the Fort Street Tourism Village.

  • This tour is available to cruise ship passengers and overnight guests.
  • Hands-on tour.
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Pick up may be available from your hotel, along the Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City airstrip, water taxi or international airport.
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Daily8:00 AMApprox. 4 hours
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